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Words related to accelerando

a gradually increasing tempo of music

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gradually increasing in tempo

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with increasing speed

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Although geometric acceleration is smoother and more conducive to large-scale accelerandi than arithmetic acceleration, there is still an upward limit on the length for which it is useful, since the rate of acceleration continues to increase throughout (for positive acceleration).
The tempo design is an elaboration of the design for Canon with two distinct accelerandi, one interpolated within the other.
The sophistication of the band's playing extends to formal accelerandi built into the tune.
One of the things I like doing - and I don't know of any other composer who does it to the level that I do - is to write long, long, long accelerandi. For example, in the first movement of Harmonium, the conductor is asked to create a very subtle accelerando over a structure of almost ten minutes.
Its performance here showed the quality of the orchestra, but remained efficient rather than terrifying, staid, under-characterised, and with Vanska going for uncalled-for accelerandi rather than grinding awesome power.