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Synonyms for accede

to respond affirmatively; receive with agreement or compliance

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Synonyms for accede

yield to another's wish or opinion

take on duties or office

to agree or express agreement

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The Emperor then gave his first speech since acceding to the throne.
The EU is hoping that ASEAN members would follow the Philippines in acceding to the Budapest convention.
The Standing Committee on Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs has also approved "The Rulers of Acceding States (Abolition) of Privy Purses and Privileges) (amendment) order 1972.
The head of state takes two oaths, one on acceding to the throne, the other at the coronation.
James Robinson of the diocese of Calgary spoke in favour of acceding to the primates' request, saying that, "maybe the voice of prophecy is found not just in the wealthy north, maybe it is in the growing churches in the South."
Some ASEAN officials said Australia fears that acceding to the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation, or TAC, might blunt Australia's plan, based on Howard's recent comments, to launch preemptive strikes if terrorists in neighboring countries were planning to attack Australia.
If an insurance carrier suffers, it is not the result of an agency's unreasonable demands, but rather the result of the carrier acceding to such unreasonable demands.
The EEA noted that two environmentally-damaging trends were expected to become more pronounced after the acceding countries join the EU.
Of the countries joining the EU this year (acceding countries), Slovenia (1.52%) and the Czech Republic (1.33%) have the highest R&D intensity.
This is primarily because of the high quality of exported New Zealand goods, as well as the commodity composition of New Zealand agricultural exports which do not face much significant natural competition from agricultural production in the eight Eastern European acceding countries to the European Union.
Adoption of the euro, in turn, will promote the integration of the acceding economies with the rest of the euro area.
In accordance with the agreement reached under the conciliation procedure last December 4 on the new Directive on packaging and packaging waste - formally adopted by the Council and the European Parliament on January 26 and 29 respectively - the European Commission proposed on February 24 granting additional deadlines to the ten acceding countries for full implementation of the Directive, which sets precise targets and deadlines for the recovery and recycling of waste packaging.
The Maastricht Treaty lists four convergence criteria; these were applied to the present euro-area countries and will also be applied to the acceding countries.
He said the Government would not be prepared to put the economy at risk by acceding to the union's demands.