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  • verb

Synonyms for accede

to respond affirmatively; receive with agreement or compliance

Synonyms for accede

yield to another's wish or opinion

take on duties or office

to agree or express agreement

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The Meeting held here on Friday with Senator Islamuddin Sheikh in the chair showed concerns about disparity in amount paid to ex-rulers of merged/ acceding states and their dependents and said that dependents of Kalat Dir and Makran are getting very meagre amount while big amount is being paid Amir of Bahawalpur and Ex-Mir of Khairpur and others which is unfair and unjust.
To minimise these pressures, the EEA stressed that acceding countries need to use the right combination of environmental instruments available under the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
The current relations between New Zealand and the eight Eastern European acceding countries to the European Union are hardly better that at the time of 'mutual ignorance' (1945-89) when the Iron Curtain divided Europe (and the world) into two separate political and economic blocs.
The costs of participation in the EMU depend to a certain extent on the similarity between business cycles in the euro area and acceding countries.
The ongoing price liberalization and deregulation and the Balassa-Samuelson effect will contribute to inflation differentials between the current euro-area member states and the acceding countries.
Ariel's Central and Eastern European Database delivers the latest regulatory requirements for each acceding country with useful overviews and compliance guides developed by Ariel's team of regulatory experts.
Contracts with individuals who have camping facilities across Greece for vacations minors employees / insured / pensioners in case of acceding to the EFKA IKA bodies TAXY, TYDK, ETAP-media-TSMEDE EBRD, EBRD-TSAY, ETAA- TYDA, EBRD-TYDP, EBRD-TYDTH, EBRD-TAN, EBRD-TAS, OAEE, TANTP, OGA, TPDE, TAPIT, TAYTEKO for the 2017 summer camp for the first time.
Ilyas Bilour also opposed the idea to pay amount to rulers of acceding states and said that if government wants to give financial assistance to the rulers then there must be some fixed criteria and payment should not be on like or dislike basis.
Indeed, much of the detail regarding the application and implementation of the laws in the Acceding Countries (e.
ASEAN countries would like to call upon Australia and New Zealand to seriously consider acceding to the Treaty.
He claims that higher economic growth and the likelihood of foreign direct investment will rapidly make the acceding states a jobs hothouse.
The institutional framework that will govern the monetary integration of current and future acceding countries was agreed in the accession negotiations, based on EU Treaty provisions, and is described well in the four papers.
But after an emergency meeting of diplomats from its 22 members to discuss the settlements, the Arab League stopped short of acceding to Syrian demands that Arabs suspend relations with Israel.
Faced with this request from the FDA, we now struggle to find a way to maintain our commitment to consumers while acceding to the FDA demands.
Offer may not assume differences in the conditions and responsibilities, and the amount of the insurance premium to acceding to insure employees and their spouses / partners and adult children of employees.