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Synonyms for accede

to respond affirmatively; receive with agreement or compliance

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Synonyms for accede

yield to another's wish or opinion

take on duties or office

to agree or express agreement

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It can also be argued that the competence to address States in the conclusions has been validated by their consistent accedence to this practice.
The author points out that Valerius is quoted twice in Milton's Accedence Commenc't Grammar (1669).
Another product of society's destabilizing was the flourishing subgenre of books on arms and honor -- Smith's De Republica Anglorum (1583), Harrison's Description of England (1587), Segar's Book of Honor and Armes (1590), Leigh's Accedence of Armorie (1597), Milles's Honor Military and Civil (1602) and Catalogue of Honour (1610), Guillim's A Display of Heraldne (1610), Selden's Titles of Honor (1614).
Indian reconsideration of the CTBT reflects a growing view among its defense policy and scientific elite that accedence to a total test ban would lead to surrender of its nuclear option before the world's acknowledged nuclear powers had accepted New Delhi's long-held insistence on global nuclear disarmament, and certainly before Pakistan had demonstrated that it was prepared to jettison its nuclear capability.
Gerard Leigh's 1562 The Accedence of Armory, a handbook on heraldry, rejects tawny as false and nonexistent, but lists it anyway as `Orenge colour', while yules is described as `betweene Red and Tenne'.(5)