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Antonyms for acatalectic

(prosody) a line of verse that has the full number of syllables

(verse) metrically complete

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A homely example may be helpful here: "There once was a man from Kentucky" is an acatalectic line, that is, without catalexis; with catalexis, we would have the similar line, "There once was a man from Vermont.
Candidate (a) is acatalectic, that is, the distinctive violation of FILL is lacking because all of the metrical positions have text in them.
Such a line, we imagine, would invite immediate reparsing as six acatalectic verse feet, (HL) (HH) (LH) (HL) (HH) (LH) -- that is, as a random set of verse feet instead of a set of repeated verse feet.
FILL Acatalectic Catalectic C PARSE Metrical Extrametrical E