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any of several mites of the order Acarina

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Similar observations were made for the mite Acarus siro L, which, once settled in an appropriate substrate, start to seek new potentially nutritional sites whenever the original population has attained critical level [5].
destructor, Blomia tropicalis, Acarus siro and Tyrophagus putrescentiae) and B.
phenomena Lyme disease Poisonous oak Chemical burns Herpes simplex Gonococci derm Nodule erythema atitis-arthritis Diabetic ulcer Rocky mountain fever Warfarin poisoning Worm bites Stevens-Johnson Heparin poisoning syndrome Acarus bites Lymphomatoid Nodule papulosis periartheritis Tick bites Sporotrichosis Multiform erythema Wasp sting Adverse reactions Toxic epidermal to drugs necrolysis Fly bites Herpes zoster Pressure ulcers Bites by other Lymphomas Skin mycosis spiders Focal vasculitis Fulminant purpura Squamous cell Carcinoma Syphilitic chancre Anthrax Varicose ulcers Chickenpox Trauma Necrotizing fascitis Angioneurotic edema Skin lupus Erysipela erythematosus
She also speculates as to whether Andrew Crosse, a scientist and a friend of Kenyon's, mentioned in Vestiges as one of those reporting that he had generated specimens of the genus acarus by passing an electrical current through "a saturated solution of silicate of potash" (pp.
It is the type species of the genus Fuscuropoda Vitzthum 1924, and it has been known probably at least since 1768, when what was possibly the same mite was described under the name Acarus vegetans De Geer.