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a morbid fear of small insects and mites and worms

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The earliest reports of delusions of infestations were published in the late 19th century and attributed to Thibierge, who reported cases of "acarophobia." (2) In 1938, Karl Ekbom, a Swedish neurologist, described "delusions of animals on the skin," but his long German description was so cumbersome (Dermatozoenwahn) that the condition was called Ekbom's syndrome instead until 1946, when Wilson and Miller coined "delusion of parasitosis." (3) More recently, Freudenmann and Lepping have recommended a broader term, "delusional infestation," rather than more disease-oriented descriptions, such as parasitosis and phobia.
Entomophobia, acarophobia, parasitic dermatophobia or delusional parasitosis.