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Department of Acarology, National Museum, Bloemfontein
Specimens collected during this study have been deposited in the collections of the Department of Entomology Acarology range, The Ohio State University (OSAL) and are housed at the Museum of Biodiversity on the Ohio State University Columbus campus.
The dictionary says acarology is the branch of zoology studying mites and ticks.
Four new species of Podapolipoides (Acari: Podapolipidae) ectoparasitic on grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae) from African International Journal of Acarology 21: 47-61.
Baker, renowned as one of the fathers of modern acarology.
1) Department of Entomology and Acarology, University of Sao Paulo/ "Luiz de Queiroz" College of Agriculture (USP/ESALQ)--Piracicaba, SP, Brazil
2] Current affiliation: Mahara Institute of Medical Acarology, Anan, Japan.
Acarology, VI (1), Ellis Horwood, Chichester, England, pp: 90-99.
The William Morton Barrows spider collection is currently housed in the Acarology section of The Ohio State University Entomology Collection at the Museum of Biodiversity in Columbus, OH.
Tested extensively at the Ohio State University Acarology Laboratory, Smite has been shown to be safe and effective.