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a chemical agent used to kill mites


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All the other sheep would also be washed with acaricide once or twice per month as a parasite control routine for the whole of their lives on the farm.
'Always examine the animals for ticks especially on ears, armpits, axilla, abdominal region, teats or udder and region below the tail,' said the official advisory; adding, tick control with approved acaricides (chemicals intended to kill ticks) was an important option.
In addition, Alhewairini and Al-Azazzy (2017a, b) were the first to report that Huwa-San TR50 can be successfully used as an acaricide in killing two spotted spider mites (Tetranychus urticae Koch) with minimal effects on its associated predatory mite, (Neosiulus cucumeris) and Varroa mite (Varroa jacobsoni Oudemans).
(2018) confirmed a negative effect of acaricide and insecticide mixtures for the control of Brevipalpus yothersi Baker (Acari: Tenuipalpidae).
Risk factors were categorized and classified as Climate (Mountain, Plain), Altitude (500-1000, <500), Latitude (32-33, <31), Season (Fall, Summer), Farm type (Semi-Industrial, Traditional), Hygiene (Good, Low, Normal), Vectors (Mosquito, Tick), Use of acaricide (No, Yes), Distance from other farms (<1Km, >5Km), Farm density (High, Low, Normal), Race (Hybrid, Native), Age (<1 Year, 1-3 Years, 3-5 Years, >5 Years), Sex (Female, Male), Milk yield (High, Low, Normal, Without).
Afoxolaner: An insecticide and acaricide that poisons fleas.
Four treatments were evaluated: (1) deionized water + Tween* 20 spreader sticker (0.05%) (negative control treatment); (2) synthetic acaricide 'fenpyroximate' (Ortus[R] 50SC - Arysta Lifescience do Brasil Ind.
Characterization of Acaricide Resistance in Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Latreille) (Acari: Ixodidae) collected from the Corozal Army Veterinary Quarantine Center, Panama.
Besides, the presence of the non-hematophagous mites of the genus Megninia was associated with the control measures, as the use of mineral oil and acaricide in the ration.
Sarolaner is a new acaricide and insecticide belonging to the isoxazoline class: it is efficacious against ticks, fleas and mites.
Farmers often use acaricides to protect livestock (Latif and Walker 2004, Jongejan and Uilenberg 2004, Kivaria 2006), either by direct application or, in the case of large-scale game farms, using automated acaricide dispensers.
Topical application of a paste of leaves, paraffin oil, and kitchen ash Aloe secundiflora A concoction mixed with labia plant Engl, (aloe) (Psiadiapunctulata) to make an effective acaricide against brown ear tick (Rhipicephalus appendiculatus), red-legged tick (Rhipicephalus evertsii evertsi), Boophilus decoloratuSy and bont tick (Amblyomma species) Andropogon gayanus Toxic/repellent Kunth (bluestem, gamba, or llanero grass) Annona squamosa L.