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any plant of the genus Acanthus having large spiny leaves and spikes or white or purplish flowers

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Acanthus started their comeback with 15 minutes of the match remaining, when Leighton Ho scored with a backpost header.
A silver-gilt two-handled presentation cup with a domed cover decorated with acanthus leaves.
The collection features the very recognisable Barocco motif, given new interpretations in three patterns: the Barocco Flowers, where the curlicues of Acanthus leaves match with an explosion of their own little flowers.
Among the topics are official and non-official modes of representing the leader and the divine; from warrior to statesman in art and ideology; Octavian Augustus and the image of Alexander the Great; the acanthus of the Ara Pacis as an Apolline and Dionysiac symbol of anamorphosis, anakyklosis, and numen mixtum; the insanity of Caligula or the insanity of the Jews: differences in perception and religious belief; and astral theology, Castorian imagery, and the dual heirs in the transmission of leadership.
The FSA will hold a further exercise, dubbed Acanthus, in January.
The building has been designed by Huntly-based Acanthus Architects.
However, some argue that Acanthus was the first naked runner.
This species leaves tend to be less spiney in deeper shade and also on the older leaves and is often sympatric with Acanthus bracteates.
The topmost section of the column, the capital, has a hint of sketched acanthus leaves (acanthus is a common plant in Mediterranean areas), which are identifying features of Corinthian columns.
Their clash with second-placed Woolton Sharks was a tough test, but Acanthus showed themselves worthy champions in the end with a gritty 3-0 win.
Acanthus Leaves features a stylized acanthus leaf motif surrounding a central lattice design.
The lower one is an elegant composition of acanthus leaves, but it is the higher one that is a marvel of the ancient world.
Abutilon, acanthus, and nandina provide a back-drop, and double impatiens and coleus add seasonal color.
September 4 - Ottakar's, Kirkcaldy, 1pm; Talk, Acanthus, Edinburgh, 7pm.
Take root cuttings of acanthus, border phlox and echinops and put them in a cold frame or greenhouse.