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any plant of the genus Acanthus having large spiny leaves and spikes or white or purplish flowers

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A second reception room, with more views of the garden, has the original pitch pine floor and fire grate, while in the third reception - currently used as a study - you'll find the ceiling surrounded by an acanthus leaf border and the window and door frames decorated by carved lion heads.
Acanthus spinosus, sometimes called bear's breeches, is extraordinarily successful due to its ability to regenerate from every fragment of its thick, fleshy roots.
This species leaves tend to be less spiney in deeper shade and also on the older leaves and is often sympatric with Acanthus bracteates.
The topmost section of the column, the capital, has a hint of sketched acanthus leaves (acanthus is a common plant in Mediterranean areas), which are identifying features of Corinthian columns.
Take root cuttings of acanthus, border phlox and echinops and put them in a cold frame or greenhouse.
The practice of former RIBA president George Ferguson, Acanthus Ferguson Mann, has made a third of its workforce redundant, while Dutch firm OMA laid off 50 staff.
Osborne's new catalog also debuts a set of carved acanthus leaf knobs and pulls for cabinetry or furniture.
The lower one is an elegant composition of acanthus leaves, but it is the higher one that is a marvel of the ancient world.
Abutilon, acanthus, and nandina provide a back-drop, and double impatiens and coleus add seasonal color.
September 4 - Ottakar's, Kirkcaldy, 1pm; Talk, Acanthus, Edinburgh, 7pm.
A sense of subdued drama functions in many of the works, in fact, often expressed in terms of contrasts in shape and color or among light and dark objects, in Socks, 1998, and in A Dead Acanthus Leaf with a Lily, 1999.
Acanthus Leaves features a stylized acanthus leaf motif surrounding a central lattice design.
The wild acanthus Copies a capital In green, supplying thorns To a site as reckless as sand Where visitors late in the day Erase this morning's footprints.
Last week Phil Taylor from Kent asked why his acanthus, which was under a red robin, kept developing powdery white dust on its leaves.