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an abnormal but benign thickening of the prickle-cell layer of the skin (as in psoriasis)

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Most oral precancerous lesions show hyperkeratosis and acanthosis, dysplastic lesions may be atrophic as well as acanthotic (57,58,59)
Both the histopathological findings revealed features of surface ulceration, acanthotic epidermis with focal areas of inflammatory infiltration predominantly neutrophils, with increased number of small vessels arranged back to back and feeding into larger vessels.
Histopathology revealed a hyperkeratotic and acanthotic epidermis with an intraepidermal pustule with luminal aggregates of neutrophils and nuclear debri overlying granulation tissue.
In the infantile stage the epidermis is only slightly acanthotic and may be hyperpigmented.
Biopsy section showed hyperkeratotic and acanthotic epidermis.
The endophytic component showed deep acanthotic growths with a periphery of mitotically active basaloid cells and variable atypical squamous cells with frequent atypical mitoses.
Histiocytes and lymphocytes surrounded superficial dermal blood vessels, and the epidermis appeared to be acanthotic with orthokeratotic hyperkeratosis as well as a focal area of superficial ulceration of the keratin layer.
Microscopically, the tumor consisted of well-differentiated acanthotic squamous mucosa with bland cytologic features growing in a verrucous pattern (Figures 4a & 4b) and many areas showing broad pushing borders.
Biopsies of the hyperpigmented areas revealed an acanthotic, parakeratotic and hyperkeratotic squamous epithelium with hyperpigmentation of the basal layer of the epithelium with increased number of melanocytes (Fig.
Histologic analysis of a DF reveals an acanthotic epidermis with a proliferation of spindle cells in the mid and lower dermis, with capillaries dispersed throughout.
The skin biopsies revealed discrete acanthotic epidermis with focal areas showing mononuclear cell exocytosis.
The epidermis surrounding the crater is acanthotic with hyperkeratosis.