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a neoplasm originating in the epidermis


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Although a diagnostic hallmark of epidermolytic acanthoma, the EHK pattern is not specific for this diagnosis, as it may also be seen in epidermolytic ichthyosis, (80) epidermolytic epidermal nevus, (81,82) or as an incidental finding.
Amongst these are relatively rare entities such as bowenoid papulosis, epidermolytic acanthoma, and verruciform xanthoma, which are underrecognized by surgical pathologists.
Epidermolytic acanthoma of the scrotum: a rare mimicker of condyloma acuminatum.
Epidermolytic acanthoma does not contain human papillomavirus DNA.
A case of multiple epidermolytic acanthoma of the scrotum: is the human papillomavirus a culprit?
Solitary epidermolytic acanthoma: a clinical and histopathological study.
Clear cell acanthoma: Clinicopathologic analysis of 37 new cases.
Clinical recognition of clear-cell acanthoma (Degos').
A case of polypoid clear cell acanthoma on the nipple.
Clear cell acanthoma developing in epidermal nevus.
Immunohistochemical characterization of keratin expression in clear cell acanthoma. Br J Dermatol 1995;133:186-93.
Giant clear-cell acanthoma with keratoacanthoma-like changes: A case report.
Reticulated acanthoma with sebaceous differentiation: another sebaceous neoplasm associated with Muir--Torre syndrome?
Large cell acanthoma: a variant of solar lentigo with cellular hypertrophy.
These comprise a large spectrum of lesions ranging from benign proliferations (acanthomas) to malignant squamous cell carcinomas.