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a breakdown of a cell layer in the epidermis (as in pemphigus)

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sup][3] However, sometimes acantholysis might be minimal or absent.
16 Acantholysis is the loss of intercellular bridges of cells of spinosum layer which can result in the formation of blisters and ulcers in oral mucosa.
Secondary acantholysis has also been reported (Table 1).
Foldes, E Cottenot: "Subcorneal pustulosis, superficial acantholysis and monoclonal IgA".
Since the desmosomes are the primary attachment mechanism between keratinocytes, this disease results in acantholysis in epidermis [1].
The lesion is characterized by intraepidermal vesicles with acantholysis and an intact basal layer.
Fluid Acantholysis of the filled blisters in non- spinous cell layer with inflamed skin.
Tannic acid induces in vitro acantholysis of keratinocytes via IL-1 alpha and TNF-alpha.
Tomecki described as "suprabasilar bullae with acantholysis against a background clinical appearance of moist, macerated plaques.
In addition, you may see acantholysis of the follicular epithelium," Dr.
The salient histopathological features of PF observed in our study were acantholysis (100%) and subcorneal bulla (100%).
The histologic hallmark of PV and PF is acantholysis.
6) Frozen sections can rapidly differentiate the superficial subgranular acantholysis in SSSS and the characteristic full-thickness epidermal necrosis and dermal-epidermal separation seen in TEN.
The acantholytic microscopic variant of squamous cell carcinoma is characterized by extensive acantholysis resulting in pseudoglandular or pseudovascular spaces.