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phylum or class of elongated wormlike parasites that live in the intestines of vertebrates: spiny-headed worms

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Two immature individuals of the acanthocephalan Plagiorhynchus cylindracens were collected from the small intestine of one opossum.
2006) Life cycle of Oligacanthorhynchus tortuosa (Oligacanthorhynchidae), an acanthocephalan of the Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana).
The acanthocephalan genus Neoechinorhynchus in the catostomid fishes of North America, with descriptions of two new species.
Although no record exists of him visiting Reelfoot Lake, Van Cleave described a new species of acanthocephalan (Table 2) from the intestine of a Lake dwelling smallmouth buffalo.
The single acanthocephalan was stained in aceto-carmine, destained in 70% acidulated alcohol, and stored in 70% ethanol.
California Spauligodon gigantricus California Strongyluris similis* California Urosaurus nigricaudus Strongyluris similis* Baja California Sur Thubunaea iguanae Baja California Sur acanthocephalan Baja California Sur cystacanths Urosaurus ornatus Mesocestoides sp.
In total, eight species of helminths (five nematodes, one acanthocephalan, and two cestodes) were found, and only one raccoon, an adult female, was free of intestinal parasites (Table 1).
1998a), eight taxa met these criteria: the juvenile acanthocephalans Corynosoma strumosum (body cavity) and C.
Oligacanthorhynchid cystacanths of acanthocephalans have previously been reported in Rhinocheilus lecontei from Riverside County, California as well as Arizona, Texas and Mexico (Goldberg et al.
Acanthocephalans require at least two hosts in the life cycle; arthropods are the usual intermediate hosts in which the infective stage, the cystacanth, develops (Nickol 1985).
Samples of the crustacean were taken from the stream, dissected, and the number of acanthocephalans recorded.