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any of various worms living parasitically in intestines of vertebrates having a retractile proboscis covered with many hooked spines

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05) nor, with the exception of the single acanthocephalan infection, were there differences in the helminth species present.
We studied an acanthocephalan because altered intermediate host behavior is a trademark of the phylum.
Infection of Oxydoraskneri Bleecker, 1862 (Pisces, Doradidae) by the Acanthocephalan Paracavisoma impudica (Diesing, 1851) Kritcher, 1957.
In a survey of acanthocephalan parasites from reptiles of Karachi, six snakes (Naja naja Linnaeus) were dissected during August 2009 to January 2010.
In our study, we used a different acanthocephalan system: Pomphorhynchus laevis, which uses Gammarus pulex as intermediate host.
Acanthocephalans were placed in distilled water and refrigerated overnight (6-12 h) to evert the proboscis, then fixed in 70% ethanol.
00 (1) Acanthocephalans Macrocanthorhynchus ingens (n = 39) 11/19 (58%) 3.
Altered behavioural responses in intermediate hosts: an acanthocephalan parasite strategy.
Parasitism and host sensitivity to cadmium: an acanthocephalan infection of the freshwater amphipod Gammarus pulex.
67%); the nematode, Procamallanus laevionchus and an acanthocephalan, Neoechinorhynchus rutli (0.
six (13%) with oligacanthorhynchid acanthocephalan cystacanths, six (13%) with Oochoristica bivitellobata, one (2%) with Parathelandros texanus and 16 (33%) with Pharyngodon warneri.
For example, Moore (1983) found that terrestrial isopods infected with a larval acanthocephalan were more active and spent more time in dry areas, on contrasting backgrounds, and away from shelter than did unparasitized isopods.
This note provides additional paratenic host information on an oligacanthorhynchid acanthocephalan endemic to the geographical area.