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any sharply pointed projection


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Also, washing contact lenses with tap water causes certain types of bacteria, such as 'Acantho Amoeba', to become stuck to the lens, which in turn may lead to Acantha Amoeba keratitis, a condition caused by an amoeba -- a parasite found in almost all tap water.
Left alone with his sinister stepmother Acantha, Rex has to find out why Acantha, the asylum superintendant Cadmus Chapelizod, and various other unsavoury characters are leagued together and what they are doing.
Along the way he collected a slew of odd or endearing names, from A (the Choteau Acantha in Montana) to Z (The Canyon County Zephyr in Utah).
The carefully selected range of manufacturers includes Acantha, Bisque, Farmington, MHS, Gazco and Chesneys to name but a few, that use the finest natural materials.
Elected first vice president was John Barrows, publisher and editor of the Dillion Tribune, elected second vice president was Mike McInally, editor of the Missoulian and elected third vice president was Jeff Martinsen, publisher of the Choteau Acantha.