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orthodoxy of a scholastic variety

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In 1848, in full European revolutionary movement, with profound disorders in England as well, a group of English young men, among which the painters Dante Gabriel Rossetti (also a poet), Holman Hunt and John Millais, ecstatically contemplate the frescoes in Pisa, and, convinced by the value of the Italian primitive painters, altered by Raphael and by the academism of his followers (Hilton, 2000:23), decide that the salvation of contemporary art lies in the return to naive realism of the primitives and found a cultural group called "The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood".
Universiade Belgrade 2009, in association with universities and university organisation will leave a legacy personified in the belief that academism and sport are interconnected.
The court of Louis XIV at Versailles remains the unequaled model for centralized government, its classicizing Baroque ostentation the finest flower of the academism fundamental to its realization.
Enlightened academism that embodies the best elements of the past but responds to the needs of the present, is a natural phase in the evolutionary process, when a temporary halt is made, and when it becomes necessary to consolidate the innovations.
While studying in the West, in Montreal and Paris, Avedissian realised that western modern academism and its cultural mechanism was part of a system in which he would become an exotic outsider if he lived outside its centre.
Certain prohibitive factors rampant during Cassatt's French debut unquestionably operated in Poland during Boznanska's early years: rigid societal mores, intensified by the power of the Polish Catholic church and exacerbated by the rather parochial atmosphere of her native Krakow, then a provincial city on the border of the Austro-Hungarian empire; and, perhaps more prominently in the young Boznanka's case, the academism and conservative attitudes of the Krakow artistic milieu under the often oppressive aegis of the revered master of historical painting, Jan Matejko.
Western academism is so strong that anyone seeking to make an international academic appeal, including Said himself, should use English as a vehicle to convey one's ideas.