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orthodoxy of a scholastic variety

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Bannard characterizes as "repressive postmodernist academicism," I very much doubt that any intellectually competent historian will ever compare its eventual demise to "the fall of Soviet Communism.
Given Phelan's account, it's not hard to see why professionalism in general takes a decidedly negative cast and seems at best a necessary evil, that interferes with and constrains intellectual activity (the red-tape, bureaucratic sense of institution), or more pathologically warps intellectuals into a narrow academicism (Jacoby's view), or in its worst light serves as a kind of devil's bargain, prompting intellectuals to sell out - for prestige, power, money, or simply a secure middle class life.
While he is right to note the academicism of intellectual life, he also needs to explore other developments that have undermined a public culture, in particular the disappearance of a liberal intelligentsia and a liberal political culture outside of intellectual circles.
Iranian artists reshaped that cultural heritage in their own distinct ways as they forged an art that was liberated from Iranian academicism and traditional art and that reckoned with both vernacular and burgeoning mass cultures.
Richardson attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, the first important American after William Morris Hunt to set his sights so high, yet who by dint of Herculean willpower was able to slough off the thick dead skin of academicism (unlike Hunt) and develop his personal style into a commercial and critical success.
In his Sweet and Simple Painting, 1965, Raysse cites Francois Gerard's Cupid and Psyche, 1798, a painting that marked the slow decline of French Neoclassicism into cloying sentimentality, which had come to pass as a result of the rejection of academicism central to modernist practice.
Even as late as 1970, one still assumed that "studio majors" would find "words" misplaced on a list of the academic genres--even if, by then, it was also as likely that the academic genres themselves would no longer be recognized as such, so complete was the rout of academicism by that date.
This owed, no doubt, to the academicism that has crept into Johns's work over several decades now--that is, if we think of academicism as the preservation of the model, the paradigm case, rather than its overthrow.
LIKE MANY CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS, Jan Timme is committed to engaging the history of the discursive formations and practices that have shaped advanced art since the early twentieth century--but he does so on his own terms, without succumbing to nostalgia, academicism, or simple emulation.
Many contemporary institutions have tended toward academicism, boxing themselves into a post-Conceptual installation genre that looks only in on itself--with directors and curators, however well meaning, limiting themselves to a set vocabulary of what is acceptable as contemporary art.
The next room was entirely devoted to Bhedwar, whose photographs, which had never been exhibited before, show obvious similarities to the oil paintings and mass-produced prints of the Keralite artist Raja Ravi Varma (1848-1906), famed for his gloriously kitschy fusion of Indian themes with European academicism.
The result is an appealing picture of a Quattrocento poised for one magical moment between the Middle Ages and modernity; between the rigidity of ecclesiastical ritual and theological doctrine, on the one hand, and, on the other, the heavy, self-conscious overlay of academicism, criticism, historiography, and theory first imposed in the sixteenth century and very much still with us.
Just as James Ensor or Edvard Munch broke from an ossified realist tradition at the end of the nineteenth century, pursuing resolutely personal projects through expressive materiality and bold, nonnaturalistic colors, so Dumas rejects what seems to be the current academicism in painting, the blank transcription of photographs onto canvas.
Perhaps the fact that relational aesthetics is dependent on site contingency, collaboration, and contrived indeterminacy makes it feel a little too much like the 1960s and is therefore dulled by nostalgia, or worse, academicism.