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Public Health England has written to all universities in the area, recommending that new entrants take up the Meningococcal ACWY (MenACWY) vaccine before the beginning of the new academic term.
Most of us call it cloaking, though the academic term for the
The inspection, a second one during this academic term, was held during the night and was conducted by the Hospitals & Educational Institutions Control Unit of ADFCA.
The university's Pantycelyn halls of residence have been threatened with closure at the end of the academic term.
STUDENT enrolment at the French school Ecole Franco Chypriote de Nicosie (EFCN) has continued to rise of for the third year in a row, with 232 registered in the present academic term, 30 per cent more than last year.
Tre Clark and Aaron Smith, a pair of 6-foot-6 forwards, became eligible to play when the fall academic term ended and immediately gave the Titans a boost in size and athleticism.
Barka: A team of internationally recognized professors and enthusiastic lecturers of the Faculty of Science at the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) have tested a classroom mobile phone app named 'RWTH Aachen App' with over 200 GUtech students at the start of the academic term recently.
Cairo University plans to form an investigation committee to examine appeals by suspended students, as a part of preparing the campus for the new academic term, according to a Monday statement by the university.
This hardship fund has been a vital lifeline of support for students, and the decision to scrap it just weeks before the start of the academic term risked leaving many in dire financial straits.
A SERIES of lectures on everything from writing and art to sport and broadcasting is set to get under way this academic term.
0 or better GPA (or equivalent) during the academic term covered by the loan.
Electrical chairs be also provided to these students on completion of their entire academic term.
Nearly 15 per cent of the academic term would be allotted to visiting companies, government departments, social organisations and intensive skill development workshops," said Chaudhuri.
Dobbins was merely using "a standard academic term in the context of describing the need for Afghans to speak to Afghans to achieve peace.
Completion of industrial exposure training of 22 weeks in the second year of the course is a pre-requisite to promote to the next Academic Term.
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