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a gown worn by academics or judges

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After some of the usual, first-day-of-class business, we explained our plan for requiring students to attend class in academic robes and the connections this had to the experience of medieval students.
MONTY Python star Terry Jones showed he was still full of mischief yesterday as he received an honorary doctorate from Glasgow University The 71-year-old author, actor and film director larked about in his academic robes after the ceremony.
At graduations at Catholic universities, students, faculty and administrators wear their academic robes, while parents and families wear suits and dresses.
During his keynote speech in which he revealed a Tufts cycling jersey beneath his academic robes, Armstrong talked about his battle with testicular cancer and the need for everyone to get involved, the paper added.
Wearing a Tufts cycling jersey beneath his academic robes, the former cyclist spoke about his battle with testicular cancer and encouraged the graduating students to "be involved.
They were hot in their academic robes and wanted him to end his lecture and sit down, but he carried on.
One of the great names in Savile Row who are given a chapter to themselves in this beautifullymade book, is Ede and Ravenscroft, the makers of uniforms and academic robes.
Dressed in colourful academic robes, he was also made a Doctor of Letters by Liverpool Hope University, recognising his impact as principal conductor of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra since 2005.
Petrenko's wife Eugenia and son Sasha - wearing a mini version of his father's academic robes - were among those at last night's ceremony.
About 60 Holy Cross students and professors, some dressed in academic robes and playing the parts of Harry Potter characters, ran about 15 hands-on experiments giving children a chance to watch sand driven by a wave generator skitter across a plate, extract silica from disposable diapers to examine its absorptive qualities or isolate DNA from "Slytherin's Spellbinding Strawberries.
After shaking hands and accepting their diplomas, 61 of them took off their academic robes and put their Navy uniforms back on.
The Pedant, who was dressed in academic robes, was also from Boston, which set up a distinct contrast between the learned East and the "Wild" West.
FCC target Bono impishly addressed the "business of obscenity" in his commencement speech at the U of Pennsylvania, saying, "I don't think there's anything certainly more unseemly than the sight of a rock star in academic robes.
The sausage capital's intellectual cadre is shedding its academic robes to build one of the hottest centres for Switzerland's New Economy.
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