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a requirement for admission to or completion of an academic program

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They ensure the writer has met all academic requirements perfectly and the paper carries no plagiarism.
Valley College who failed to meet NCAA Division I academic requirements coming out of high school, looks like he's going to get a chance to play big-time college football after all.
This group showed a 10 percent gain since seventh grade in their knowledge of college requirements and a 12 percent increase in having discussed academic requirements with family or school staff.
If a student meets the residency and academic requirements needed to receive scholarship funds, those funds cannot be withheld because a student decides to study religion.
LANCASTER - Fewer than a third of Antelope Valley's 113 public schools met federal academic requirements this year, according to results released Wednesday.
This group had become more aware of college requirements since seventh grade, and about half had discussed academic requirements with family or school staff, compared to less than a fourth when in seventh grade.
This program fulfills all the academic requirements for state licensure in Florida, and for clinical membership in AAMFT (additional post-master's experience is required for both credentials).
After graduation, Burnley failed to meet NCAA academic requirements and couldn't accept an Oregon State scholarship directly out of high school.
Efforts of this sort include forming partnerships with local communities, strengthening academic requirements, and campus changes such as scheduling classes on Fridays or keeping libraries and recreation facilities open longer.
At the University of South Dakota they're using Clarinet Systems high-speed IR ports around campus so students can use their Palm handhelds to receive email, download web clippings, schedule appointments with faculty, turn in assignments electronically, share lecture notes, research academic requirements and obtain class materials.
No Long: Carroll said defensive lineman Gabe Long of Fullerton College will not meet the necessary academic requirements to enroll for the fall.
This new Los Angeles Unified School District program gives scholarships to students who meet academic requirements and provides special scripted lesson plans that provide additional structure and guidance which are especially helpful to new teachers.
If Paulk falls to meet NCAA Division I academic requirements, he probably will sign with a Division II school.
The paper attributes HOPE's unique distributional effect to its relatively stringent academic requirements and a recently-eliminated provision that channeled the most generous scholarships to higher-income students.
federal agencies, to develop a new family of advanced applications to meet emerging academic requirements in research, teaching and learning.
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