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(education) a program of education in liberal arts and sciences (usually in preparation for higher education)

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Zubair Shaikh said that World's economy is changing rapidly which is resulting in creation of new academic programs and a large scale career opportunities for youngsters.
The review of degree programs is often referred to academic program reviews or academic program prioritization.
He pointed out that the newly established Bio Sciences Department's Board of Studies meeting was held at university campus during which proposals for the academic program of BS-Bio Sciences, MS-Technology and MS-Informatics degrees were approved.
Implementation takes time; often we will not be able to assess the impact of some academic program initiatives for several years.
In her new position, Sherman will be responsible for leading undergraduate and graduate academic program development, program partnership initiatives, and educational innovations in conjunction with the office of Academic Affairs, and other related offices across campus.
Murray de Villiers, GM, MEA Academic Program SAS Institute, SAS South Africa, served as the keynote speaker of the two seminars.
Student and stakeholder surveys are conducted as part of the academic program and support service unit review processes.
Therese Laeger, Dance Chair Classical & full academic program, grades 7-12 Preparatory Dance Program, ages 8-15 1800 8th Ave.
Most academic program at a college or university strives to equip graduates with some practical experience before they enter the job market.
So often, I thought that it was more important to do that extra bit of obsessing over an academic program that was, truly, more busy than it was difficult.
In the mid-1970s, I developed an academic program at the University of Southern California that led to a master's degree in Neuro-otology.
Thirty-seven students enrolled in an Israeli remedial high-school which applied a learner centered structured academic program geared to raise students' academic achievements while providing them with opportunities to gain confidence in their learning abilities were compared to 15 students enrolled in an Israeli conventional remedial high-school.
In addition, he has supervised the activities of the academic program and research divisions.
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