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(education) a program of education in liberal arts and sciences (usually in preparation for higher education)

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He also said that we have up-to-date Accounting and Finance academic program up to the international standard and now we have a multidisciplinary program comprise of computing and marketing subjects at MAJU.
He pointed out that the newly established Bio Sciences Department's Board of Studies meeting was held at university campus during which proposals for the academic program of BS-Bio Sciences, MS-Technology and MS-Informatics degrees were approved.
In her new position, Sherman will be responsible for leading undergraduate and graduate academic program development, program partnership initiatives, and educational innovations in conjunction with the office of Academic Affairs, and other related offices across campus.
Murray de Villiers, GM, MEA Academic Program SAS Institute, SAS South Africa, served as the keynote speaker of the two seminars.
The academic program at North County Correctional Facility, a high-security jail that is part of Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic, serves an average of 45 students per day out of an inmate population of more than 3,500, said Martinez, the program administrator.
All colleges are required to develop strategic plans and each academic program must complete an annual assessment report including specific plans for continuous improvement.
Unique Preparatory & Full Academic Programs Nadya Zubkov, School Director 20820 N.
In the end, Dickeson contends that "the price for academic program bloat for all is impoverishment of each" (p.
In addition to well-established MBA programs in Panama, Jamaica and the Bahamas, The Huizenga School has built relationships with universities in Colombia, Brazil and Argentina that allow those students to study in South Florida as a component of their academic program.
A comprehensive academic program should offer both theory and application of concepts and constructs.
The QlikView Academic Program allows any accredited, university-level institution to apply for free licenses of the QlikView Business Discovery platform to use within its educational curricula.
He informed that we will also start B Pharmacy academic program in future because it has become very necessary to initiate research that why a person suffers much disease and forced to use personalized medicines for a single disease presently.
Qlik a leader in visual analytics, today announced the expansion of the Qlik Academic Program with its new Data Analytics Curriculum.
Opportunities For Learning, an independent academic program that serves about 2,500 Santa Clarita students, had came under scrutiny by the district in February for its standardized test scores and for what appeared to be a high dropout rate.
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