academic gown

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a gown worn by academics or judges

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THE Squire of Knotty Ash, dressed in a flowing academic gown, hood and cap with two tassels, has been awarded an honorary degree of Doctors of Letters by Liverpool Hope University.
BRIGHT teenager Jon Cleland has a shopping list, with academic gown and mortar board at the top, as he prepares to start a medical degree at Oxford University.
The star wore an academic gown in Barcelona's colours of red and blue.
They chose the black academic gown to show their primary role as Teaching Elders.
Wearing her academic gown she mingled with other graduates and happily posed for photos.
Southport-raised Weston King slips in and out of the narrator's chair to sing and play the guitar, while pianist Gladstone Wilson, in academic gown and mortar board, sparkles behind the upright piano.
My memories of Longley Hall School are very happy ones - watching Miss Finch the, the headmistress of that time sweep down that fantastic staircase in her academic gown to take assembly in the hall from the foot of the staircase is as clear as yesterday's happenings.
But the man who became a giant in green found himself wearing the colours of Celtic's deadly rivals - an academic gown trimmed with blue and red.
One other decision for Mr Howarth, if elected, will be whether to wear the academic gown favoured by Mr Bercow or even the more elaborate garb sported by his predecessor Michael Martin.
But now patriotic Scots have been told by the "Auld Enemy" that wearing a kilt or tartan beneath an academic gown is no longer allowed.
She donned an academic gown and rode a bicycle to recreate scenes from the couple's romance in Cambridge, where they were both students.
Roy's mother, Marie, said she was overcome with emotion when she saw her son dressed in the academic gown.
DRESSED in a flowing academic gown, hood and cap funnyman Ken Dodd was awarded an honorary degree by Liverpool Hope University.
COMEDIAN Ken Dodd dressed in a flowing academic gown, hood and cap has been awarded an honorary degree by Liverpool Hope University.
Modest Mick, who already has a degree in fine arts, donned academic gown and mortar board for yesterday's ceremony.
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