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a gown worn by academics or judges

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The tradition of trimming robes of higher rank with fur has carried over into more modern academic gown traditions: velvet replaced fur on the frontal panels and, in the United States, three stripes are present on the sleeves of the doctoral gown.
Despite the Catholic church's doctrine, they had to cover his casket an academic gown and have top vice chancellors fully dressed in gowns as pallbearers.
Capitolo contro il portar la toga was written between 1589 and 1592, in Dante's terza rima, but in the parodie spirit of Francesco Berni's poetry, to satirize the custom of professors at the University of Pisa of wearing the academic gown not only in the lecture hall but also off the university grounds, in their private life.
One other decision for Mr Howarth, if elected, will be whether to wear the academic gown favoured by Mr Bercow - or even the more elaborate garb sported by his predecessor Michael Martin.
"I was then taken to the robing room and dressed in my academic gown trimmed with red and gold ready for the graduation ceremony.
The prince, wearing a black academic gown with red collar, knelt before the university's chancellor, Sir Kenneth Dover, to receive his 2:1 degree in geography.
A somewhat garish cover avoids current controversy over the Austen portraits by depicting not the novelist but a young, female professor, dressed in a faux-Regency version of a green academic gown, talking vociferously to her class in front of a purple blackboard inscribed with the names of Austen's novels.
So, relaxed in my moralistic heart, I put on the academic gown for the ceremony, and I added to it the little silver Star of David from Tiffany's that a graduating PhD student gave me but that in my anti-Zionistic frame of mind I never wear.
This is exactly the scenario that is being played out by the makers of A Beautiful Mind, Russell Crowe's current tour de force, in which he sheds his loincloth (if only) for the academic gown of the Princeton mathematician John Nash.
Yet when he spoke on Hope for the New Millennium at Convocation Hall at the University of Toronto this fall, he wore neither academic gown nor tailored suit, but only a shirt and windbreaker.
Twain was said in his later years to have worn an academic gown - and little else - while gardening, using the hood to hold vegetables.
This afternoon I will stew in the early summer heat wearing an academic gown. I will be immobile for at least three hours watching yet another batch of Ateneo students end their college life and embark on a new journey in the real world outside the shady campus that nurtured them for the last four or five years.
Sexton even sports Robinson's number, 42, on his academic gown.
THE Squire of Knotty Ash, dressed in a flowing academic gown, hood and cap with two tassels, has been awarded an honorary degree of Doctors of Letters by Liverpool Hope University.
BRIGHT teenager Jon Cleland has a shopping list, with academic gown and mortar board at the top, as he prepares to start a medical degree at Oxford University.
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