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the freedom of teachers and students to express their ideas in school without religious or political or institutional restrictions

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In answer to the latter question, there are two main reasons, according to Hank Reichman, chair of the Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure for the American Association of University Professors.
Because of the challenging times and potential changes impacting the field, we feel that now is an appropriate time to reaffirm our commitment to the principles of academic freedom as they relate to submission, review, and publication of scholarly works in our rehabilitation counseling journals.
I first introduce the idea of academic freedom, and its legal position in relation to the UK academy.
What does it tell us about the current state of academic freedom in the United States and Canada that the term "tension" occurs in so many of the fifteen essays in this valuable collection?
The question of academic freedom and the rights and duties of an academic engaged in research and teaching on the Palestine/Israel dispute has long been fraught.
He said a review was needed "not only from the point of view of fairness to the individual concerned who (and whose family) has had to live with the stress of being under a threat of dismissal all that time, but also from the institution's own point of view as a university in which academic freedom is paramount".
On April 9, the elected UO Senate unanimously approved a statement on academic freedom that is among the strongest in the country.
It is instead about academic freedom, for which the Israel/Palestine conflict represents a contemporary crucible in Canadian academia and elsewhere for testing the extent to which academic freedom is resistant to pressure.
So-called "academic freedom" bills, Forrest said, are "sanitized code language" for legislation that's "seeking to undermine the teaching of evolution...."
It added: "The decision made by LSE cited restrictions on the intellectual content of the event that threatened academic freedom as the reason for the cancellation.
Academic freedom in the classroom and faculty control of the curriculum contribute to a learning and teaching environment that produces graduates who have been exposed to diverse modes of education and creative thinking.
Studies of academic freedom in the United States often fall within well-worn categories.
Academic Freedom and the Telos of the Catholic University
Buckley's 1951 book God and Man at Yale is widely considered the standard for the conservative view of academic freedom. Buckley argues that academic freedom, as it exists in the academy, is a mirage to cover for indoctrination by tenured radicals.
Malazarte was reacting to the walkout and snake rally staged by senior high school and college students of the University of the Philippines Cebu to allegedly 'defend academic freedom against campus militarization' last Tuesday morning.
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