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an award conferred by a college or university signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed a course of study

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The hearings delisted also included a petition filed by journalist Asad Kharal over the alleged fake academic degree held by Director General National Accountability Bureau (DG NAB) Lahore Major (Retd) Shahzad Saleem.
As illustrated in Figure 1, most of the respondents (53.22%) answered that their company does not require an academic degree for a person to be hired for an entry-level IT job.
CCAAM will also train the next generation of scientists, ethicists, and policy makers through its academic degree program in Animal Replacement Science at the University of Windsor.
Instead, the use of certifications, along with military training, academic degree programs and other relevant credentialing programs will be integrated into the Cyber IT/CSWF Qualification Program.
The bench also ordered reinstatement of Siddiqui Baloch's National Assembly membership.In a short order, the tribunal had declared the academic degree of Siddique Khan Baloch as fake and his election from the National Assembly constituency in the 2013 polls null and void and ordered a re-election.Siddique Khan Baloch an independent candidate had won the National Assembly seat in the 2013 general elections and later joined the PML-N.Baloch was disqualified for his lifetime for violating articles 62, 63 by submitting a fake degree and on rigging charges.
Since then, USCB has tripled its academic degree programs, doubled its FTE enrollment, opened its first on-campus housing, joined the NAIA Sun Conference, and fielded conference and national award-winning Sand Shark athletic programs in nine sports.
This will open new doors for ACCA members who would like to top up their qualification profile with an academic degree.
1, advanced academic degree information for line officers is masked for promotion selection boards below the grade of colonel.
According to the American Nurses Credentialing Center (2013) the academic degree should come first because it is a permanent credential and cannot expire or be revoked.
Scholarships are searchable by subject, academic degree, minority group, and other factors.
It's notable that author Ben Kilham's dyslexia once presented him from earning an advanced academic degree: this condition actually allowed him to decode bear communication and behavior in a unique way, leading to revelations about bears that nobody made before him.
Cappetti holds a Laurea (Italian post-secondary school academic degree) in Anglophone Literatures from Universita' degli Studi di Torino, which she received in 1980.
The purpose of this activity was to create awareness of ACCA exemptions available to students of IBA and to provide opportunities for young professionals to acquire not only undergraduate academic degree but a Professional qualification in Accounting and Finance.
The program stipulates that both parties shall take necessary steps to issue certificates and academic degree equivalencies within the framework of laws and regulations enforced by the two countries, as well as provide a number of grants in various fields by the two countries.
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