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an administrator in a college or university

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people who have spent a career as academic administrators and
Interviewees consistently described women academic administrators as disciplined, hardworking, and above board, in contrast to male counterparts.
The academic administrator's of universities as an Open System
Faculty members and academic administrators need to be professional in order to enlighten students' minds.
Indeed, Dean, a 38-year-old academic administrator from the East Village, sheepishly admitted to sliding down his slacks during a date last month at Erminia Ristorante on the Upper East Side, for a little hanky-panky under fettuccine.
Nettleford, who died in February, became a professor, writer, cultural ambassador, and academic administrator, but his love of dance infused all his activities.
A renowned chemical engineer and academic administrator, Axel Meisen has made significant contributions to education in Canada.
I am a nurse educator and academic administrator, and I am TNA.
He was a key participant in the comparative economic systems field from the 1950s until the 1990s, a contributor to important ideas in additional fields, a prized teacher, an active citizen of the economics profession and his university, the University of New York at Stony Brook, an accomplished academic administrator, a fantastic colleague, a precious friend, a film and theater enthusiast, and so much more.
Jones, a retired lecturer, academic administrator, and author of The Tree of Commonwealth (2000), points out that Rainborowe, a prickly and ambitious character in his own right, was part of the delegation that presented Henry Ireton's Heads of the Proposals Offered by the Army to Charles I as the basis for a proposed constitutional monarchy.
Public Work and the Academy: An Academic Administrator's Guide to Civic Engagement and Service-Learning
Most campuses appointed an academic administrator the responsibility for coordinating the YRO conversion with the expectation that summer term would be administered through infrastructure support similar to the other terms.
This will require the academic administrator or lead savant, as a knowledge manager, to examine what knowledge is being taught, how it is being taught, when it is taught, and why it is taught to yield cognitive productivity among the stakeholders (students and faculty) in our new learning-centered academy.
The advice I offer is a realistic but optimistic assessment of life as an academic administrator. It is based on my own varied experiences in faculty and administrative leadership positions and liberated by my recent retirement.
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