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an administrator in a college or university

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In the ideal world of the academic administrator what educational institutions need are more university citizens, who are mindful of their institution's place in the larger community and fewer parochial advocates seemingly interested only in the welfare of their departments.
A renowned chemical engineer and academic administrator, Axel Meisen has made significant contributions to education in Canada.
I am a nurse educator and academic administrator, and I am TNA.
Her recent writings include "Fostering Women's Multicultural Alliances as an Academic Administrator," in the spring 2007 issue of the online publication On Campus With Women published by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.
He was a key participant in the comparative economic systems field from the 1950s until the 1990s, a contributor to important ideas in additional fields, a prized teacher, an active citizen of the economics profession and his university, the University of New York at Stony Brook, an accomplished academic administrator, a fantastic colleague, a precious friend, a film and theater enthusiast, and so much more.
Most handbooks from human resources personnel or even from legal counsel will not adequately prepare an academic administrator for this job.
Most campuses appointed an academic administrator the responsibility for coordinating the YRO conversion with the expectation that summer term would be administered through infrastructure support similar to the other terms.
The majority of persons who completed the survey were White (80% of the respondents), either the dean or academic administrator of their institutions (76%), with at least 16 years of experience (67%).
Marson Johnson, academic administrator in the Department of Criminology at the Lakeland Campus of the University of South Florida, informing me that "classes begin on Monday.
A strong scholar, an intellectual leader, an excellent academic administrator, an innovative thinker with a genuine interest in undergraduate education and a clear understanding of the need to prepare students for a globalized world: she will be an outstanding dean of Stern's undergraduate college.
And there are two Scots - academic administrator Angie Mugadza, 29, from Edinburgh, and the oldest "model", cafe owner Pauline O'Neill, 46, from Glasgow.
But the good academic administrator needs to keep in mind, always, more overarching concerns, the peaks: What is the most effective shape for an undergraduate education for these particular undergraduates, at this particular time and place?
They could be made explicit in a job ad, they could be made further explicit in the interview or in subsequent prehire meetings with the president, principal, vice president academic, or other senior academic administrator.
As vice president of instruction, Chiriboga has been the chief academic administrator of the college's 19 instructional departments.
It should be no surprise that Wilson, an acclaimed academic administrator who had attracted national attention for her efforts to reopen CSUN after the Northridge Earthquake, had been sought for the Wayne State post, Munitz said.
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