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the academic world

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All of those who's getting a doctorate already have their master's at hand, which would explain that they're interested in learning more about their majors, and are possibly considering entering the academe to make use of what they learned.
On Tuesday, Albayalde met with top officials of the academe who enlightened them on the issue of academic freedom in connection with some militant student groups and organizations' stand against the entry of military and police personnel in school campuses.
The PSMA official noted that other sugar-producing countries like Thailand have regular data on their sugar requirements, which are conducted separately by the government, industry and academe.
'We should not be expecting those in the academe to become policemen.
Wave Computing offers further training for data scientists in partnership with PhilDev, TESDA and the academe. There are already 15 technology hubs in the country where data science engineers can further hone their knowledge.
'Our academe will be tasked on the information dissemination.
Plato (427-347 BCE) gathered with other philosophers in an olive grove in in Athens, where he established the original Academe. The word "Academe" evolved in English to form words such as Academy and Academic, all referring to places of study and learning.
Although Frodeman lists several topics for reflection (gender policies, CRISPR, and the nature of impact, among others), all of which present interesting ethical, legal, and societal issues, I think we have a larger problem that deserves our full attention: the current reward system in academe is designed to encourage puzzle solving rather than problem solving.
ICT Dgte envisions the ICT Industry as an Asset of Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental linking the ICT Industry with academe, government, and business.
Citizenship in this sense is the act of engaging with academic pursuits so that the very world of academe might continue to thrive.
To tout its power and promise is a key aspect of being a fully engaged member of neoliberal academe; to deny its value and benefit is a central component of resisting neoliberal academe--and perhaps even moving beyond it.
Slow improvements (Valian, 1999) in institutions' structural diversity vis-a-vis Latina faculty means that they find themselves in alien territory, i.e., in contexts that do not readily understand or accept their difference, such that Latinas find it challenging to become incorporated into and legitimated within academe. Latinos of both genders in the faculty ranks experience subtle racism and hostility from students and peers (Solorzano, 1998) while Latina faculty members report feeling that their credibility as scholars or faculty members is challenged (Delgado-Romero, Flores, Gloria, Arredondo, & Castellanos, 2003), and that White colleagues underestimate their abilities and discount the value they place on community advocacy (Reyes & Rios, 2005).
About 4,000 participants including finance ministers, central bank governors, senior government officials, and representatives from the private sector, academe, media and civil society are expected to attend the meeting.
This multi-layered book illuminates how government, industry, and academe create, manage, and operate technocratic projects.