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Synonyms for Ac

a radioactive element of the actinide series

an electric current that reverses direction sinusoidally

References in classic literature ?
I heard the name of Kurtz pronounced, then the words, 'take advantage of this unfortunate ac- cident.' One of the men was the manager.
By and by attention ceased from him, and the ac- customed school murmur rose upon the dull air once more.
After a time the old man abandoned the ac- tive search.
Nobody had ever contradicted him; his own hair had gone grey since that time, and Captain Hag- berd's beard had turned quite white, and had ac- quired a majestic flow over the No.
AC Rakes (AC - 1/2, AC- 3/4, AC - 5/6, AC- 7/8, AC - 9/10, AC - 11/12, AC - 13/14, AC - 15/16, AC- 17/18, AC - 19/20, AC - 21/22, AC - 23/24 & AC - 25/26 Rakes) for two years