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Synonyms for abyssal

Synonyms for abyssal

resembling an abyss in depth

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ODP has just commenced a systematic approach to drilling in passive margins in the North Atlantic with Leg 149 (March to May 1993), which included a transect across part of the Iberia Abyssal Plain (IAP) west of Portugal.
Examples of such sections include the Weddell Abyssal Plain (Leg 113) for the glacial history of West Antarctica, the Lau Basin (Leg 135) for volcanic history of adjacent islands, and the Argo Abyssal Plain (Leg 123) for the erosional history of the adjacent continents.
when a small part of Gondwana broke away to the north in the late Jurassic and the Argo abyssal plain formed from upwelling basalt behind the departing fragment,
Remarkably delicate abyssal hill lineations appear.
The basal, black part of the Finis Shale was deposited in deep but not abyssal water.
In addition to the Lyell prospect, Anadarko picked up a lower tertiary lead called Fog Hat on Walker Ridge 414, and five wildcat prospects in a newly emerging play on the abyssal plain: the Antares prospect on Atwater Valley (AT) 890, 891 and 892; Sirius on AT 636, 637 and 681; Cygnus on AT 675 and 719; Aldebaran on GC 1009; and Rigel on Lund 47 and 48.
Le deficit abyssal en ressources humaines dans le secteur de la Sante, couple a la mauvaise et inegale repartition territoriale du personnel soignant, impose de trouver rapidement des solutions idoines, realistes et logiques, s'est justifie Louardi.
Caption: Abyssal hills, which run parallel to the mid-ocean rift (yellow, center) in this seafloor map, formed when lower sea levels led to large magma outpourings at mid-ocean ridges.
This process provides a source of energy for the mixing of abyssal waters, which, in turn, hastens the global overturning circulation.
The first-time author - and Greggs worker - is in the running for two international eBook awards with his novel Abyssal Sanctuary: Remnants of the Damned.
TIME author - who writes when he is not serving behind the counter at Greggs - is in the running for two international eBook awards with his novel Abyssal Sanctuary: Remnants of the Damned.
Now, players have to get a torch from bonfire and follow the ledge, until they can spot a platform below, near the spider-like abyssal creatures that attack.
Even though the environment is under extreme pressure almost 1,100 times higher than at sea level, the trench sediments house almost 10 times more bacteria than in the sediments of the surrounding abyssal plain at much shallower water depth of 5-6 km water, the researchers said.
James Matthew Wilson's books include Four Verse Letters, Timothy Steele: A Critical Introduction, and The Violent and Abyssal (forthcoming).
of openness," that the human being is the "stranger [Fremde] who undergoes the casting loose [Loswurf], who no longer returns from the abyssal ground [Ab-grund], and who retains the remote proximity to beyng in this foreign realm," when he asks the question "Why is there truth [Warum ist die Wahrheit]?