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Synonyms for abyss

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Synonyms for abyss

something of immeasurable and vast extent

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Synonyms for abyss

a bottomless gulf or pit


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In pain, death, poverty, marginalization, oppression--and this is what is meant by the Death of God--we experience living in the abyss, in darkness and despair.
Peacekeeping in the Abyss is logically laid out, but reader be warned--pay attention within chapters, as the arguments jump back and forth in time and points that appear to be mere details become important later on.
Invisible Man's reflections extend into an explicit consideration of chaos and abyss. Just "outside history" is the abyss of namelessness, of "nothingness": He maintains a distinction between history and abyss, and inside and "outside history," but the oppositions are losing their difference.
"In the emotional abyss, which follows a Test loss, your thoughts range from feelings of inadequacy to flourishes of despair, " he said.
The chain reaction of evil--hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars--must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation."
Gavin Keeney has attempted to bridge this 'abyss' by including a section of his own theoretical essays linking his detailed critical descriptions of the work of some 13 American practices whose work illustrates many of the issues he discusses.
-- Friedrich Nietzsche To look into the abyss, the dark underbelly that lies under my bed, To look at the frailty, the false pride, the warts and scars I try to hide To face my fear that I may never find the strength to peer straight into that shadowy mirror and say, as before I have pleaded only with God to say: It's O.K.
Anything yanked to the left will disappear into Maroon Creek, and while shots can be played off the steep incline to the right, many times they will skitter across the green--which is 40 yards deep, 20 yards wide, and slopes from right to left--and then roll down into the abyss. The ideal shot is a high cut, putting the drive over the water and a greenside bunker, to the stick.
It's not an abyss; however, our business has become more transactional.
No deep abyss, dark netherworld?" Nothing, in a manner of speaking, to look forward to after death?
When Williams's slick and silvery pseudopod sneaked a snakey look at Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in The Abyss, a pivotal point was reached in the movie and, in a way, in Cameron's career.
In those days one of the things we had most in common, although perhaps we did not talk about it so much, was the abyss that walked around in front of our feet everywhere we went.
PHOTO : "Abyss" by Kay Lynn bronze and brass, 38" x 45" Kay Lynn Studios
Two names have been mentioned in the grapevine as of late -- Abyss and Sonjay Dutt.
Pearl Abyss, a local game firm known for its popular online role-playing game "Black Desert," has given each of its employees an average incentive of 7.8 million won ($7,261).