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Synonyms for abyss

Synonyms for abyss

something of immeasurable and vast extent

Synonyms for abyss

a bottomless gulf or pit


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Developed by Kim Dae-il, who is the chief game producer at Pearl Abyss, "Black Desert" has drawn favorable reviews worldwide for its advanced graphics, combat system and character customization as well as extensive playable content.
Abyss may still be available in the Grapes and the Pen Factory - if not, pick up a bottle at The 23 Club in Hope Street or Londis Penny Lane.
Abyss has a working prototype that can collect image data, stitch this together to form a 3D model, and is developing algorithms to help detect faults.
For more information on Abyss Program Management LLC, visit http://www.
This game will do a darn good job of shifting thousands of them because everything about Golden Abyss reeks of Uncharted quality.
Abyss "aim to help the community and provide a service to young people.
Funnily enough, I thought we were already at the bottom of an abyss.
The meeting) warns Israel that its intransigence and persistent defiance of the international community by the establishing new settlements in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) will push the region to the brink of an abyss," it said.
Abyss Prime minister George Papandreou said violence was "not a solution".
Evaluating The Abyss of Human Illusion entirely on its own merits is, let's admit, impossible, particularly if you're among "the devoted sons and other deviants" Christopher Sorrentino identifies, in his beautiful preface, as being for the moment his father's primary audience.
In July, the rate that American durable-goods factories used their productive capacity moved higher by nearly two percentage points, with the gain coming mostly from the auto industry's retreat from the abyss.
Mythic Entertainment, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc (EA) (Nasdaq:ERTS), an interactive entertainment software company, announced on Friday (8 May) that the company is now accepting applications for the Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss closed beta test at http://www.
If there are benchmark beers in every style, Deschutes Abyss can pretty much lay claim to the imperial stout category.
Vitor Westhelle's The Scandalous God might be entitled "Reflections from the Abyss.
If he doesn't pass the test, he'll end up in the dreaded Abyss.