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It first opened my eyes to antiquity, the 'dark backward and abysm of time.
is intact and silent like a monster of the abysms who rests with its head on the continent and its back covered with seaweeds; it is anchored somewhere and cannot move.
In addition, social and educational abysms among different social strata make the situation tougher with regards to encouraging more frugality in consumption and integrating people into the mainstream.
comprise altitude fields surrounded by breathtaking rock abysms ornamented by large populations of bromeliads, orchids and cacti.
In Dostoevsky, writes Berdyaev, we enter the "spiritual depths" and "the inward abysms of man.
Fetched from the abysms of cultural heritage and reformulated in synthetic materials, they slowly unveil their highly ambiguous symbolic meanings.
In most cases it is very hard to reach such localities due to the inaccessibility of the steep terrain and the breathtaking abysms.