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Both stars face charges of 'illegally' registering their luxury cars in federally administered Pondicherry where the road tax is abysmally low compared to their home state of Kerala.
Govt inaction' " The Modi government has failed abysmally to match words with deeds, to match media events with actual accomplishments.
The Blackadder star added: "I think everyone is fairly fed up with mildly dysfunctional people being put under pressure and then behaving abysmally.
Its share of overall cargo transport remains abysmally low: 0.
THE English Democrats did not perform abysmally in the general election due to a "lack of resources and a hostile media".
We beat Norwich 4-0 and what does he do, makes five changes for the next game and we play abysmally and drop points.
THE Health Secretary, while trying to deflect blame on to agencies, today admitted the Government had failed abysmally to meet the demand for nurses by cutting the numbers in training; notwithstanding the obvious large increases in demand due to an increasing number of over-65s (one million in the last Parliament) and a massive increase in the population.
then abysmally "I back her 100 per cent in the youth policy which has been introduced and making a fresh start is commendable.
At the national level, Dianne Feinstein's AWB quickly followed, still in many ways as unclear as the abysmally crafted New York law.
1] However, he has overlooked the main reason for the abysmally low conviction rate.
LET'S not limit our outrage to the slaughter of horses when more than a billion equally sensitive and wonderful animals are killed and eaten in the UK every single year, the vast majority raised and even transported in abysmally cruel ways.
Mickelson and Fowler performed abysmally as soon as I had upgraded myself from a powder-puff staker to a dangerous customer, and I was back on the losing trail in doublequick time.
The report published by the Mahbub-ul-Haq Human Development Center, Islamabad further says that energy consumption in South Asia is abysmally poor compared to neighbouring regions.
Coptic Christians, formed by St Mark 50 years after Christ's crucifiction are constantly being thrown into jail for professing their faith and their women and children are being treated abysmally, including violence and rape.
Summary: <p>AaThe Palestinian Democratic Youth Union (PDYU) on Tuesday called on the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to enact a range of measures to raise the abysmally low level of education of Palestinians in Lebanon.