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Abysmally, Nigeria, according to global statistics currently ranked first position in open defecation in Africa and second in the world after India.
Bus gates, controversial planning permission, excessive car park rates, dilapidated town centre, abysmally inefficient recycling, pothole riddled roads, litter police, council tax rise, total ineffective delivery of results to us the poor fools who pay them.
The stars face charges of 'illegally' registering their luxury cars in Pondicherry where the road tax is abysmally low
Baldwin said his team shot 'abysmally' in contrast to the Tamaraws, whom he described as 'sharper on both ends of the floor.'
We have been telling them this for the last ten years, the shrinking blue line, cuts in social services, schools falling into disrepair, poor employment prospects, zero hour contracts, drugs on street corners, and sadly those who should be setting a good example of ethical behaviour are failing abysmally.
The Foxes' fans, seeing their team perform fairly abysmally this season, are not amused.
They also claimed that West Midlands Police have "acted abysmally" in the wake of the raid last Tuesday which saw 12 people taken from the all-you-can-eat restaurant on Fletchamstead Highway.
WREXHAM FC have hit back at claims that former boss Kevin Wilkin was treated "pretty abysmally" after his sacking in March.
Addressing a meeting of the Congress Working Committee, Sonia accused the prime minister of " hawaa baazi " and alleged he had failed abysmally to " match media events with actual accomplishments".
The Blackadder star added: "I think everyone is fairly fed up with mildly dysfunctional people being put under pressure and then behaving abysmally.
Its share of overall cargo transport remains abysmally low: 0.4% compared to 42% in Netherlands, 8.7% in China and 8% in the US.
THE English Democrats did not perform abysmally in the general election due to a "lack of resources and a hostile media".
We beat Norwich 4-0 and what does he do, makes five changes for the next game and we play abysmally and drop points.
THE Health Secretary, while trying to deflect blame on to agencies, today admitted the Government had failed abysmally to meet the demand for nurses by cutting the numbers in training; notwithstanding the obvious large increases in demand due to an increasing number of over-65s (one million in the last Parliament) and a massive increase in the population.