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Synonyms for abysm

something of immeasurable and vast extent

Synonyms for abysm

a bottomless gulf or pit


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gt;>Otros autores estampan una fecha venidera y no les creemos, porque sabemos que se trata de una convencion literaria; Bradbury escribe 2004 y sentimos la gravitacion, la fatiga, la vasta y vaga acumulacion del pasado--el dark backward and abysm of Time del verso de Shakespeare--.
We've had many thrilling experiences, from giving the first performance of Conlon Nancarrow orchestral works at the Proms, taking Gerald Barry's The Triumph of Beauty and Deceit to Carnegie Hall in New York, and too many memorable concerts in Aldeburgh to count, not least the performance of Poul Ruders' ABYSM which plunged the Maltings into darkness halfway through
It first opened my eyes to antiquity, the 'dark backward and abysm of time.
Mendiola offers a thoughtful evaluation of Certeau's understanding of belief as the void, the abysm on which the totality of social life is grounded.
In the backward and abysm, "Pictures" shows no help for pain.
in the abysm of time, but in the first decades of the nineteenth
Indeed, it seems that interpretation was the primary means by which the Victorians reasserted the primacy of the individual in the face of annihilation and "the dark and backward abysm of time.
As the mnemonic abysm opened for Proust as he tasted the madeleine, it is not his own past that it revives but the life of Another, which as a last resort constitutes him: "This Other he happened to be had with no doubt written poems.
I do not think that we are supposed to ask how Prospero acquired all this information, although we probably assume that he could have posited Sycorax's osteoporosis from the popular stereotype of witches, (14) and that the other facts about her could have been derived earlier from Ariel (when his memory was in better condition) or from his own magical ability to see into the dark backward and abysm of time.
Soon the company was following its stumbling captain down steep ravines and around narrow ledges where any slip of footing could send an unlucky fool falling and shrieking into the rainroar of a black abysm.
The central figure in the play is of course Prospero, since he belongs to both worlds, having been thrust from Christendom in the "dark backward and abysm of time" (1.
But this is an option that is less appealing on account of the vertigo that most Tudorists feel when they look over their shoulder to what is for the generality of early modernists--including Tudorists--the dark backward and abysm of the fifteenth century.
Read from this perspective, his texts trace the outlines of a spectral "something" that now manifests itself only as the abysm of "nothing.
The long narratives of Egeon and Aemilia that begin and end the play are rooted in thoughts of Syracuse, a lost place made even more inaccessible by the dark backward and abysm that attends the narrative mode used by both of these aged voices.