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Synonyms for abysm

something of immeasurable and vast extent

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Synonyms for abysm

a bottomless gulf or pit


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The 80's throw back "Abysm" is a science fiction ride like no other, interweaving psychological suspense, horror, and transcendent abstract symbolism.
It was then that Luiz, unaware, fell down in a precipice, into a large crack that ended in an abysm. He was struck by the rope that was tied to Marcos, who, in an attempt to save the friend, tried to lift the rope, but he could not afford to it.
As it will be seen latter, their thoughts, bibliography sources and even biographies are separated by an abysm whose bridges we pretend to construct.
(7) From "Hojoki": "The waterfall is muffled, / and my ten foot square hut lies / In the abysm of a sea / Of sibilant quiet"; from "Empty Mirror": "I sit / In my ten foot square hut.
In America's plummet to the abysm of ignorance and incompetence, Obama is, admittedly, the end of the line, though who knows how much lower our leaders can go in our political Limbo: Chris Christie?
"We've had many thrilling experiences, from giving the first performance of Conlon Nancarrow orchestral works at the Proms, taking Gerald Barry's The Triumph of Beauty and Deceit to Carnegie Hall in New York, and too many memorable concerts in Aldeburgh to count, not least the performance of Poul Ruders' ABYSM which plunged the Maltings into darkness halfway through!
It first opened my eyes to antiquity, the 'dark backward and abysm of time.' I can still reread it with delight.
In the backward and abysm, "Pictures" shows no help for pain.
in the abysm of time, but in the first decades of the nineteenth
Indeed, it seems that interpretation was the primary means by which the Victorians reasserted the primacy of the individual in the face of annihilation and "the dark and backward abysm of time." She presents geologists Charles Lyell and Gideon Mantell as storytellers exercising interpretive authority over time and materiality.
As the mnemonic abysm opened for Proust as he tasted the madeleine, it is not his own past that it revives but the life of Another, which as a last resort constitutes him: "This Other he happened to be had with no doubt written poems....