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make amends for

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Aby added: "I have had the pleasure of knowing Fouad and his family for over seven years and we shared good times together.
Aby plans to spend most of his time managing the hotel and getting to know the local community.
Jon Aby (left) and Andy Powell at the IPC gym in Wrexham
Surgeons carried out the risky operation and months later he saw Aby born.
Despite her rows with the Frenchman, Aby, 28, still fancies him and reckons the feeling is mutual.
The heart-throb chef revealed: "I have no idea if Aby has a crush on me.
With almost a hundred games in its portfolio - including MyBrute, Aby Escape, The SandBox and Saving Private Sheep, to name just a few - BulkyPix has, in less than three years, become a key player in the smartphone and tablet video game market.
We're still adjusting,' said F2 Logistics coach Ramil de Jesus, who has the nucleus of powerhouse UAAP team La Salle and some of the league's top players like Aby Marano and Cha Cruz.
Dalawang players lang ang gumagana sa Generika, yung import lang (Korobkova) and si Aby (Marano)," said Mane 'N Tail coach Francis Vicente.
ISM activists in training sessions are taught to lie and stage provocations aby any means necessarya to achieve their goals.
She said: "My son Aby was left for dead by this man and he could be out in less than two years after the time he spent on remand is taken into account.
Mark Griffiths, Graham Evans (pen), Matt Davies and Geraint Lewis made up the home tally, Aaron Aby and Aden Shannon on the mark for the visitors.
From left: Ian Schrager, Aby Rosen, Michael Fuchs and the Gramercy Park Hotel
TRAINEE cook Aby King launched into a furious four-letter rant on her fellow team-mates.