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noisy like the sound of a bee


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New Delhi [India], Jan 22 ( ANI ): Delhi's Nizamuddin dargah was abuzz with activity as devotees embraced the colour yellow through various forms to celebrate the spring festival of Basant Panchami on Monday.
Corporations are just beginning to discuss the alternatives, while the idea has forestry scientists abuzz with the potential.
If you thought it was a hushed place where solitary researchers hovered in cubicles poring over rarefied texts, that image will be replaced by the report that its corridors are quietly abuzz with intellectual exchange, scholarly sparring, academic mentoring, and the excitement of publishing the wisdom of its collection in new volumes easily accessible to the general reader, even those still in high school.
The entertainment world was all abuzz in May with the release of the final Star Wars episode.
A BIZARRE email exchange between an executive at a City law firm and a secretary over a tomato ketchup stain has set the legal world abuzz, it emerged yesterday.
The jam-packed event was abuzz with awestruck guests who were elated by this year's house and its roster of star designers.
APPARENTLY Holyrood is abuzz with rumours of a defection in the offing.
Even though in 1869 England is abuzz with talk of an impending war between France and Prussia, Dr.
The Country Club of Little Rock is abuzz with talk of a high-dollar teardown in the neighborhood.
McAuliffe Elementary is abuzz with the success of the LeapTrack system and the terrific work the ESOL Center teachers are doing.
The star-studded cast of singers and musicians Animal has assembled has the festival community all abuzz with anticipation: They include Ani DiFranco, Ferron, Tribe 8's Lynn Breedlove, best-selling nutrition guru Susan "Stop the Insanity" Powter, Ubaka Hill, Toshi Reagon, and Alyson Palmer of Betty, among others.
While scenesters in various internet chat rooms are all abuzz about the fate of these two characters and the band is beginning to plan a set of comics that track the story, Sanchez and crew are quick to downplay any notion that they are a bunch of Star Trek conventioneers.
As Recycling Today goes to press, the industry is abuzz with the rumor that most of America's integrated steelmaking capacity could be rolled up into one giant company.
Don Perata, a California state senator who represents Lee's district, told the Post: "California talk radio was abuzz with callers denouncing Lee as a communist.
About a decade ago, the national media was abuzz with stories about private highways that would alleviate congestion in major urban centers by charging commuters a small fee.