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noisy like the sound of a bee


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Abu Dhabi: Ever since the UAE announced its decision to help the flood victims in Kerala, social media has been abuzz with touching comments of gratitude from Indians, especially expatriates based in the UAE.
With rehearsals looming, Paul bends the truth in Mr Poppy's earshot, who repeats the lie to the kids: "A big Hollywood company are coming here to see our nativity and we're all going to be famous!" Soon, the entire city, including the mayor (Ricky Tomlinson), is abuzz with news.
The curator of this show has not only stuck Guston in the ancient sinking city inside a Roman Catholic museum abuzz with pietas, crucifixions, and other episodes from Season 2 of the Christian Bible, aka The New Testament, but he's also cramped Guston's stylehis uniquely autonomous place in the narrative of post-1950s American paintingby placing him in a "crowded room" with five heavyweight and in some cases heavily anti-Semitic poets of the modern literary canona motley crew of literary gods with initials like T.S., D.H.
Social media is since abuzz with the updated look of Aamir and is wondering about his role in 'Thugs of Hindostan'.
Earlier in the day, rumors were abuzz that Julian Assange (http://gizmodo.com/these-cryptic-wikileaks-tweets-dont-mean-julian-assange-1787866602) had been assassinated .
The social media went abuzz as the earthquake was also felt in parts of Metro Manila, Tagaytay, No damage is expected, said EMSC.
(In fact, NBC News even brought Brian Williams out of exile to report on the event for MSNBC.) Social media was abuzz over #PopeinUS, with platforms like Twitter and Snapchat releasing their own Pope-themed emojis and geofilters.
Summary: Sidon was abuzz with anticipation Sunday, a day after the arrest of radical preacher Ahmad al-Assir was announced, as the security forces boosted patrols in the city to contain fallout.
* Sure, oil and clay were recognized and used regularly by the Ancient Egyptians for their beauty benefits, but only recently has today's modern beauty sector been abuzz with these earthy ingredients.
That's why activity tracker Fitbit set the fashion and wearable tech worlds abuzz earlier this year when it announced a partnership with women's apparel designer Tory Burch to create stylish accessories using Fitbit Flex technology.
Meanwhile, social networking sites were abuzz with posts who witnessed the accident.
The announcement from ECP comes at a time when the country's political scene is abuzz with speculations that Imran Khan-led Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) may announce to resign from their seats on August 14.
LIONEL Messi turned 27 on Tuesday and his fans around the world set social media abuzz with birthday wishes.
Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend Kuwait is abuzz with activity this weekend.
India, March 3 -- Even as Twitter is abuzz with Oscars 2014 updates, host Ellen DeGeneres' 'Oscars' super-star selfie post has made a new record on the micro-blogging website, becoming the most retweeted tweet ever.