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Synonyms for abut



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Synonyms for abut

to be contiguous or next to

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Synonyms for abut

lie adjacent to another or share a boundary

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Section 7-210 unambiguously imposes a duty upon owners of certain real property to maintain the sidewalk abutting their property in a reasonably safe condition, and provides that said owners are liable for personal injury that is proximately caused by such failure.
Alternatively, many of its easements are jointly used by abutting property owners, who own the underlying fee title, for gardening or other agrarian purposes subject to BPA's need for maintenance access.
Often abutting rivers or streams, they offer recreationists an opportunity to view riparian habitat and local wildlife.
Streetscape installation usually includes new sidewalks, curbs, lights, street trees, tree grates, tree trunk guards, street furniture, and the occasional kiosk, with the intent that the abutting property owner will sign a maintenance agreement to maintain the new amenities.
The Berryhill plan area is 4.15 square miles, bounded on the north by the Arkansas River and on the south along West 51st Street South, excluding some properties within Sapulpa city limits; and is bounded on the east along South 49th West Avenue to include some east abutting properties and on the west along S.
From the Zoning Resolution: "Where such street walls [that are less than 45 feet wide] abut an existing building with street walls that exceed [the width of the street], such new street walls may reach the height of the lowest of such abutting building walls ...
The cityscape encompasses much of what industrial cities like Worcester are all about: Residences abutting small businesses, abutting some larger businesses.
(Landowners) own property abutting former Exit 66 on Interstate 90, a controlled-access highway.
Traces of their rough-and-ready origins as foamcore models are left on the cast work's abutting triangular forms.
There will be issues related to Phase Two abutting up to an existing low-density residential zone.
The elastic ring contacts the outer circumference of the shaft in a directly abutting manner and is untwistably pressed on to the shaft by an inertial ring.
Oriented on a north-south axis, the new building is a long, linear block placed hard up against the west edge of the site, abutting its neighbour.
Almost wherever cells crowd together, gap junctions, formed by proteins called connexins, link the interiors of abutting cells.
Examples include once-productive salmon runs pushed to the brink of extinction, stream and riparian areas eroded and denuded from overgrazing, deserted mining operations, Indian lands inundated by water from downstream dams, and clearcuts abutting designated wilderness areas.