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Synonyms for abut



Synonyms for abut

to be contiguous or next to

Synonyms for abut

lie adjacent to another or share a boundary

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The use of the singular "building" clearly indicated to me there would need to be just one abutting building.
This study was undertaken to gain further understanding regarding the effect of BPA's HVTL rights of way on abutting single-family home prices.
Generally, a landowner has no right of ingress or egress to, from, or across a controlled-access facility to or from any abutting land.
Germain introduced a proposal to allow property owners who have sidewalks abutting their rear-lot lines to apply for a hardship exemption to the snow-removal ordinance.
The Keetons contended they were entitled to a share of the vacated right-of-way because of an Alabama statute that, since being amended in 2004, provided that "upon vacation of a right-of-way, title and all public rights, including the right to close the street, alley, or highway vacated, shall vest in the abutting landowners" The common law prior to the 2004 amendment was that all the land constituting a dedicated right-of-way should be restored, upon vacation, to a landowner whose predecessors in title had owned all the property compromising the right-of-way before its dedication.
The properties include available air rights from abutting lots, allowing for approximately 45,039 bsf above grade.
A few paintings betray a certain anxiety that the process itself may not be providing sufficient emotional weight--notably those such as Cross (orange/black), 2003, or Breeding Lilac (wet diptych), 2003, in which the artist has constructed a further level of patterning by abutting similarly done panels.
Officials of Washington Mutual, which has acquired development rights for Ahmanson Ranch in the rolling hills abutting Ventura County's border with Los Angeles County, say that the development will help ease the region's housing crunch and that authors of several environmental reviews have found it can be successfully completed.
A majority of the council members want to provide relief from the requirements of the snow-removal ordinance to property owners or occupants with sidewalks abutting their rear-lot lines.
For example, let's say that two abutting parcels, each 10,000 s/f in area, have a permitted FAR of 10.
The original study utilized a paired-sale methodology to ascertain any difference in sale price between properties abutting rights-of-way of transmission lines (subjects) in Portland, Oregon; Vancouver, Washington; and Seattle, Washington and those located in the same cities but not abutting transmission line rights-of-way (comps).
But Hayden Sohm, superintendent for the State Parks Department Angeles Crest District, which administers parkland abutting the watershed, questioned that appraisal.
Story man, the work with the lighthouse/giant, is nearly nine feet high and seems to be made of a single piece of paper; in screen II, Sugito mounts smaller sheets abutting each other on canvas, so that the image is underlaid by a grid.
To showcase its vast array of richly appointed single-family homes abutting beaches, golfing, shopping and nightlife, Shoreline has just opened two new model homes.
WORCESTER - A move is in the works on the City Council to provide relief from the requirements of the city's snow-removal ordinance to those property owners or occupants who have sidewalks abutting their rear-lot lines.