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the owner of contiguous property

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The attorney for the appellant abutters was Frank S.
Second, unclear communal property rights to natural resources among the Chimanes themselves create a legal vacuum which abutters exploit.
Abutters and others within a certain distance of the blasting sites would be notified and would have their properties examined to make sure they would not be affected.
The appraiser does not know whether abutters to the subject are specially motivated to pay a price consistent with the high-end sales and is convinced that the low-end sales are of properties competently marketed.
"When an abutter has alleged a harm that is both protected by the zoning bylaws and grounded in factual basis, a defendant may offer independent evidence in the form of expert affidavits contrary to the presumed aggrievement, which, if credited, would demonstrate that a plaintiff's aggrievement is unfounded or de minimis.
But before Augustus could pitch the proposal at a meeting April 1, abutters got wind of it and went nuts -- and understandably so -- because if any homeowner would welcome the decimation of woods and playing fields in exchange for an ugly parking lot, I've yet to meet him.
The Nottingham Planning Board recognized the proposal as one of regional impact and 10 towns were deemed abutters due to the three watersheds involved.
40A, 11, because she was identified as a property owner entitled to receive notice of the public hearing on the matter and the zoning board's decision.<br />According to the plaintiff, because the notice statute directs the local tax assessor to certify the list of property owners affected by a zoning board decision, her appearance on the tax assessor's list of certified abutters of the defendants' property, signified by her receipt of notice of the matter, entitled her to a rebuttable presumption of standing.<br />But Judge William J.
As this recent proposal will have significant impacts to Douglas Road, abutters and the National Park, the voice of many at this public hearing will be critical,'' she wrote.
During the design phase, a community meeting was held at the site, and Hoyle, Tanner presented the scope of construction to abutters and other interested neighborhood citizens.
Citing what they said were noise, dust and glare problems related to the facility, several abutters petitioned the board seeking a declaratory order that local zoning laws and other regulations were not pre-empted with respect to the railroad's pellet-bagging operation.
According to the Laconia Citizen, abutters William and Elizabeth Batchelder appealed an order of Grafton County Superior Court Judge Timothy Vaughan that earlier affirmed the land use board's decisions approving the site plan of intervenor Topsfield Real Estate Corp.