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the owner of contiguous property

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If someone comes along and asks me, why didn't you tell me about that situation with the abutter or the cell antennas or the bubble in the market, I can say, I did, it's right there in the report.
The appraiser could have avoided the suit by first defining for the client the scope of investigation into abutter motivation and providing a more comprehensive appraisal, which is essential in cases of obvious abutter interest.
Candito, the Dudley District Court clerk magistrate and an abutter who opposed the plan, the board unanimously voted to withdraw the aerial park plan "without prejudice,'' meaning it can't be brought to the board again.
Such a bylaw would aim to protect both the rights of the individual landowner and, since the visual impact of solar arrays is so extensive, it would also seek to protect abutters and maintain the "sense of place'' or rural identity of the town.
2-acre property, work has begun in areas closer to the neighborhoods, inciting concern from abutters about noise, dust and visual impact of the mining operations.
For years, abutters have had the protection of 20 feet from their property line for safety and environmental reasons.
Enabling the general public, property owners, and professionals to, using an internet browser, query, browse, report, print maps, and create abutters lists
Aslin is an experienced litigator, representing property owners and abutters in property disputes over titles, boundaries, easements and other land use-related issues, as well as energy development and regulatory compliance.
Chaffee will need a permit for his planned operation, which will require notification to abutters and a public hearing.
During much of construction, the temporary bridge can be kept open at full capacity, limiting impacts to commuters and abutters.