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the owner of contiguous property

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The appraiser should note, as with abutter analysis, that the information provided is beyond a standard appraisal's scope.
The couple did not attend Thursday night's Zoning Board of Appeals public hearing, which was filled with dozens of abutters and opponents to the proposal.
In ruling that the abutters did have standing, the Land Court referred to a Plymouth bylaw that regulates the light industrial district, where the nuclear power station and spent fuel storage facility are located.
Second, unclear communal property rights to natural resources among the Chimanes themselves create a legal vacuum which abutters exploit.
The Mattapan station, which will run more than a quarter mile between Blue Hill Avenue and Cummings Highway, encountered stiff resistance from abutters, some of whom complained that the foundations of their homes were damaged when the MBTA drilled exploratory holes in the rock ledge along the train tracks.
Chaffee will need a permit for his planned operation, which will require notification to abutters and a public hearing.
The Nottingham Planning Board recognized the proposal as one of regional impact and 10 towns were deemed abutters due to the three watersheds involved.
But before then, the school, the site, and abutters will be demarcated by a combination of jersey barriers and fencing.
During the design phase, a community meeting was held at the site, and Hoyle, Tanner presented the scope of construction to abutters and other interested neighborhood citizens.
But before Augustus could pitch the proposal at a meeting April 1, abutters got wind of it and went nuts -- and understandably so -- because if any homeowner would welcome the decimation of woods and playing fields in exchange for an ugly parking lot, I've yet to meet him.
Enabling the general public, property owners, and professionals to, using an internet browser, query, browse, report, print maps, and create abutters lists
According to the Laconia Citizen, abutters William and Elizabeth Batchelder appealed an order of Grafton County Superior Court Judge Timothy Vaughan that earlier affirmed the land use board's decisions approving the site plan of intervenor Topsfield Real Estate Corp.