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Synonyms for abut



Synonyms for abut

to be contiguous or next to

Synonyms for abut

lie adjacent to another or share a boundary

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Here, the court found that Landowners' property always abutted the controlled-access highway; part of the property was taken in a condemnation proceeding in 1961 to build the highway; the state offset compensable severance damages for the property not taken in the original condemnation proceeding because of the interchange the state designated; and the state subsequently eliminated access through the designated interchange.
In summary, the Meadow Lane properties abutted both Meadow Lane and Pleasant Street as Pleasant Street existed prior to 1959," Mr.
The lesion abutted the right medial temporal lobe, the right internal carotid artery, and the basilar artery.
NTS property abutted the contaminated Bermite property until last year, when Golden Valley Road was built between the two.
The first bicuspid and cuspid are double abutted for a five-tooth bridge, which involves two large bicuspid pontics and a molar ceramco abutment.
But in Kelo the New London planners were quite happy to slate private homes for destruction while allowing the Italian Dramatic Club (a watering hole for local politicians) to remain untouched, even though it abutted one of the private homes that was taken.