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Synonyms for abut



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Synonyms for abut

to be contiguous or next to

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Synonyms for abut

lie adjacent to another or share a boundary

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The First and Second Departments have seemingly engrafted onto section 7-210 a "location requirement," such that if the defect upon which a person trips abuts a particular property, then the owner of that property is deemed liable, without conducting any inquiry as to whether a neighboring owner's failure to comply with its statutory duties may have also been a proximate cause of the accident (see e.g.
As shown in Table 8, the data do not support the idea that price effects are greater or more significant when a home abuts a higher-voltage HVTL.
The City Council last night gave unanimous preliminary approval to an amendment to the city's snow-removal ordinance that will exempt those sidewalks that abut the rear-lot line of any property along a state highway.
Biomorphic thought bubbles embrace the tricolored script, and a right-angle triangle decorated with a checkerboard of yellow, red, and green abuts the sculpture.
IN A JERUSALEM NEIGHBORHOOD THAT ABUTS THE WEST Bank, a wall has been erected as part of an awkward undertaking to turn the Jewish state of Israel into the planet's largest gated community.
Paul's Anglican church, a church that abuts the property, is a co-owner and congregation separate from General Synod.
Regan, whose four-acre property abuts the orchard and who acts as spokesperson for the group, says he hopes the city will preserve the apple orchard.
To come up with that mailing list, pipelines have to use the most recent county or city tax records and send notification to people whose property is directly affected, abuts the facility site, including the compressors, is within the area of new storage fields, or abuts the existing right-of-way.
One end of the sleeve has a cam surface that abuts to a corresponding cam that is connected to the end of the plastic nut.
Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) had inserted language into the bill requiting the Soldiers' and Airmen's Home to sell a 49-acre parcel of land to the archdiocese or a related entity, such as Catholic University, which abuts the veterans' facility.