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point of contact between two objects or parts

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a masonry support that touches and directly receives thrust or pressure of an arch or bridge

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The bus then struck a bridge abutment and turned over.
Results show that abutment teeth were periodontally affected in comparison to control teeth.
The friction grip relationship eliminates micro movement between the abutment and the implant, eradicating microbial colonization at the interface, and reducing bone loss at the crestal level.
Clinical and Laboratory Manual of Dental Implant Abutments
Various attempts have been made to establish objective standards for abutment evaluation, (1,3,4) but an evidence-based criteria has not been presented till date.
A screw-retained metal provisional abutment was placed into the soft tissue cast and flowable composite was injected around the abutment to the tissue height, capturing the remodeled contours of the soft tissue.
It will be necessary to close the road to traffic to replace the deck section of the abutment structure but any road closure will not occur until at least October 2014 and for a maximum of three weeks.
8,9) This has resulted in an emphasis on the surface of the prosthetic abutment as a means of minimizing plaque accumulation; most implant abutments now have a polished surface to eliminate roughness that may serve as a nidus for plaque formation.
TEMPLETON - A Worcester man was killed on Route 2 Saturday when the Volvo he was driving slammed into a bridge abutment for the Otter River Road overpass about noon.
Geostudio analysis as well as field data has indicated that previous grout work at left and right abutments has failed to produce the required results and seepage which is being measured at the downstream toe of the dam is through the abutments instead of through the body or foundations of the dam and recommends that by extending the grout curtain up to a depth of 140' in case of left abutment and to a depth of 160' in case of right abutment, the quantities of seepage can significantly be reduced.
Each Implacare II tip is now 20 percent thinner than the original to allow for improved adaptation and access to implant abutment surfaces and offering more effective implant maintenance solutions to clinicians.
was southbound on I-5 with a load of Christmas trees when it went off the road, swivelled sharply and crashed into the Interstate 105 freeway overpass and abutment.
An edentulous space can occur on both sides of a tooth, creating a lone, freestanding pier abutment Physiologic tooth movement, arch position of the abutments, and a disparity in the retentive capacity of the retainers can make a rigid five-unit fixed partial denture a less than ideal plan of treatment.
The major problems were extremely high seepage, boiling and springing of water at a number of places downstream dam, uplift pressures at the toe of main dam near left abutment, turbid flow from relief wells and development of sinkholes in the reservoir area.
Astra Tech said on Monday that the partnership with 3Shape is a strategic business opportunity, which will further strengthen its position within the area of digital implant dentistry, contribute to a faster market penetration for Atlantis VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) and create added value for its customers and their patients.