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point of contact between two objects or parts

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a masonry support that touches and directly receives thrust or pressure of an arch or bridge

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Composite was added to simulate an all-ceramic abutment preparation (Figure 4, above right) while maintaining the access hole for the screw.
Meanwhile, the Oregon Department of Transportation checked the overpass and abutment and found only scant and superficial damage, spokesman Rick Little said.
The first abutment-implant connections of, the two piece screw shaped dental implants were planar, which led to high abutment displacements during functioning.
Recently, there has been a shift towards the use of strong polymers and composites for applications involving some degree of structural performance in load bearing applications such as crowns and bridges, abutments, healing caps and implants.
The abutment and piers held up beautifully after being deadloaded with the weight of 125 Jersey barriers -- 226,800 kilograms (a half-million pounds).
The final abutment market is divided by fabrication process into stock abutments, custom abutments and CAD/CAM abutments.
Secondly, even if the abutment/s are free of undercuts, temporary material can infiltrate into the inter-proximal areas between the abutment teeth and the neighboring teeth (Fig.
Half hidden by trees and built of large blocks of local limestone, the old abutment has a Classical, Ledoux-like quality and is a miniature monumental counterpoint to van Postel's fragile superstructure.
Work also would include permanent repairs to the bridge's abutment at its north end, said city engineer Chris Price.
To keep maintenance low is anchored by means of permanent anchors in compact rock abutment North.
The final abutment markets are segmented by abutment fabrication type.
According to Hu-Friedy, each Implacare II tip is 20 percent thinner than the original Implacare, allowing for improved adaptation and access to implant abutment surfaces.
The 365-foot-high dam that arches between steep canyon walls above the communities of Sylmar and Pacoima sustained cracks in the west abutment and its upper face.
The strength of the vorticity generated by the deflection is related to the depth of flow, abutment depth and shape, alignment of the abutment with respect to the flow, size of bed material, rate of bed material transportation, and ice or drift accumulation.