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Synonyms for abut



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Synonyms for abut

to be contiguous or next to

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Synonyms for abut

lie adjacent to another or share a boundary

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The First and Second Departments have seemingly engrafted onto section 7-210 a "location requirement," such that if the defect upon which a person trips abuts a particular property, then the owner of that property is deemed liable, without conducting any inquiry as to whether a neighboring owner's failure to comply with its statutory duties may have also been a proximate cause of the accident (see e.g.
Most people, at rest, have a Slight Overbite, useless for getting a solid tone, but, with the jaw thrust forward into the Flush Bite position, the teeth and lips fully abut. Such players can get a solid tone but only in the middle and high registers; this includes allowing a fortissimo on any note from middle c' to high g" (two octaves higher).
Two additional regression models were developed, replacing the "Abuts HVTL" variable in the models shown in Tables 5 and 4 with interaction variables representing the maximum line voltage present at each abutting (treatment) sale.
Heads depending on brains and age pounds 5 to pounds 5,000; toes and fingers pounds 5 each and skin say abut pounds 5 an inch.
The legislation also includes a provision for a 6-foot barrier, which applies to sites that abut properties zoned residential, according to the bill's sponsor, state Rep.
Last week it was somebody giving off abut the amount of water we waste and how we should cut down.
Max Blue and Wilson Abut use Inspector Pacheco and Luz Stella as politic mouthpieces in their adventures that span the Americas, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Southern United States.
He added that he was concerned abut the possibility that unfounded accusations would arise "from certain corners" against the German bishops.
Despite its obvious merits, The Call to Social Work in some respects falls short of its goal "to build a stronger bridge between the sterile academic discourse about social work and the day-to-day practice of social work." The author chose to omit personal details of the individuals, so as "to let the story represent their own self-descriptions." This was a mistake since many of the workers failed to provide details abut themselves and their practice, which would have given more depth to their stories.
The swans do a trip of abut 600 miles from Iceland to the UK and then make their way down through the north west.
First, we give you a collection of all the relevant demographic information abut the Boomer: Who are they and what are their habits?
It's a comnon human value, and Weimer uses it to interpret and make her point abut the outcome of a sporting event.
Four graduated cubes, encased in granite, abut a high, tapering trajectory of glass and steel, aptly named the Glass Hall.
It is time she now gets on with life and stops whining abut her compensation.
Children from Bawnmore Infant School, Bawnmore Road, together with parents and staff, raised abut pounds 1,000 for Leukaemia Research.