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Synonyms for abut



Synonyms for abut

to be contiguous or next to

Synonyms for abut

lie adjacent to another or share a boundary

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To be sure, the location of the alleged defect and whether it abuts a particular property is significant concerning that particular property owner's duty to maintain the sidewalk in a reasonably safe condition.
Eddy, who came up with the substitute amendment, said less than a dozen sidewalks would be exempted under the latest proposal, including some on Grove Street (Route 122A), those along Pleasant Street (Route 122) that abut the rear properties of some homes on Meadow Lane, and a house on Conger Road, which also abuts Pleasant Street.
Abutting transmission line is the factor of interest and is present at 300 observations, as shown in Table 1 (412 observations do not abut an HVTL).
Seven homeowners on Meadow Lane have a total of about 185 feet of sidewalk that abut their rear lot lines on Pleasant Street.
For additional information abut EQECAT risk models, please visit www.
The rear of their properties abut Pleasant Street, which is also a state highway (Route 122), but a brook runs through them, forcing residents to take a circuitous route to get to the sidewalk.
Zoning lots that abut each other with a minimum of 10 feet of contiguity can be merged to create a new zoning lot.
Leszczynski and Rose found 270 omega loops, abut four per protein molecule.
These 127 mining claim units abut the east boundary of the Airport Property (47 mining claim units presently held within a Joint Venture with Crowflight.
WORCESTER - Several Meadow Lane residents abut Pleasant Street and are obligated to shovel the sidewalks that run along their property, the city's top lawyer has told city officials.
The public will have an opportunity Tuesday to hear the proposed zone changes that would limit density in the so-called transitional areas - where multi-family units abut single-family homes - and to give their input.
Structured on a system of reversals, in which opaque solids abut outlined open forms and mingle with loopy ribbons of color, the works are conceived with the thoughtful, almost mathematical attention to theme and color variation found in Ray Eames's cross-patch-design fabrics: yellow next to blue, but never touching red, etc.
the parent of TwinLabs, said the retail chain operates abut 500 stores ranging in size from 1,200 to 2,000 s/f.
The line will be only two tracks wide so that id doesn't abut or infringe on the foundations of the surrounding buildings.
Rather than have the tower abut the buildings behind it, the architects have introduced a 4,500 s/f landscaped plaza, which reinforces the object quality of the tower and provides a visual link between Lafayette Street and Cooper Square.