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Synonyms for abuse

Synonyms for abuse

to use wrongly and improperly

to take advantage of unfairly

to hurt or injure by maltreatment

to attack with harsh, often insulting language

Synonyms for abuse

change the inherent purpose or function of something

use wrongly or improperly or excessively

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We should be quarrelling, abusing, avoiding one another.
While giving virtually full credence to her allegations of physical abuse by her former husband, the article doesn't mention that after the divorce the father initially had custody of the children nearly half the time and was never accused of abusing them, or that Schockome defied numerous court orders and quit a high-paying job in an apparent attempt to avoid child support payments.
Last year, her unemployed, drug-addicted adult son moved in with her and was physically, emotionally, and financially abusing her.
And still another might be that abusing prescription drugs follows a pattern of behavior among people who abuse other drugs.
Not only that: more than 66 percent of students in this age group didn't think that abusing inhalants once or twice was risky.
Parents with low self-esteem or those diagnosed with chronic depression may be at greater risk for abusing their children (Mitchell & Buchele-Ash, 2000; Nosek, Howland, & Young, 1998).
Specific areas of Stage I interest include but are not limited to 1) stage I research that addresses the unique characteristics and problems of specific populations of inhalant abusers, including but not limited to young male and female adolescents, women, men who have sex with men, individuals with HIV/AIDS, persons in professions with extended exposure to inhalants, individuals with comorbid mental or physical disorders, chemically dependent pregnant women, adolescents who are abusing another drug or multiple other drugs, adolescents living in impoverished areas, individuals in the criminal justice system, or other populations abusing inhalants.
Families abusing alcohol are often closed systems; family members are not encouraged to build relationships outside of the immediate family, and the "family secret" of alcohol abuse is hidden from other individuals in the community (Edwards, 2003).
Certainly, not every officer deals with stress and trauma by abusing chemicals, and not every officer who chooses to abuse chemicals does so to numb the effects of trauma.
Its report on the actual incidents and nature of clergy sexual abuse will detail the number of victims and the percentage of abusing priests, McChesney expects it to be completed by December.
John Harvey, OSFS, who pointed out that the main issue is not paedophilia but homosexuality, and that one of the bishops' main problems in the past had been the acceptance of advice of psychologists and psychiatrists at various treatment centres who assured them that abusing priests could safely be returned to parish work.
Understanding the definitions of substance abuse and dependency, prevention concepts, rationale for substance abuse screening, dental team alerts, clinical interview skills, awareness of medical and legal implications, and the referral process are techniques needed for delivering quality dental care to these substance abusing patients.
A couple of months later, the director was shocked to read in the newspaper that the young man who had worked at his camp that summer had been arrested for abusing and molesting two children he had been hired to watch in a "nanny" position for a local family.
Politicians who want to further reduce crime and the costs of incarceration would do well to take McCaffrey's political cover to convince citizens that treating and training substance abusing offenders is not coddling criminals; it is opening a second front in the war on crime for their own protection.
Whether patients are abusing alcohol or illegal drugs in the community turns out to be one of the key distinctions.