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Synonyms for abused

used improperly or excessively especially drugs

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subjected to cruel treatment

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Even celebrities who were sexually abused have admitted to have had lasting, horrifying impacts of the incidents.
"While 53% of children being abused are girls, some 47% are boys," he said adding: "the percentage of cases show up to 78% of instances of abuse happening among the expatriates and 22% among Qatari population." The most common types of child abuse are physical abuse (58%), neglect (9%), sexual abuse (11%) and emotional abuse (15%).
The campaign 'Rule Out Abuse' is being run by Age Cymru which estimates that at least 39,000 older people in Wales alone are abused in their own homes.
Those who had experienced forced sex once had a 34% higher risk of diabetes than were women who were not sexually abused as girls and a 69% higher risk when sexual abuse occurred more frequently.
A THIRD of elderly victims of abuse claim they were subjected to mental torment and half claim they were abused by a son or daughter.
Abusive behavior can be passed down, with abused children growing to become abusive parents.
Just because you're not battered and bruised doesn't mean you're not being abused. Domestic abuse takes many forms, including psychological, emotional, and sexual abuse.
Kurtz, Kurtz, and Jarvis (1991) found that homeless youths who were physically and sexually abused experienced a greater number of personal, family, and school problems than those without abuse histories.
(1) Close to half of the men in the sample reported having been abused as children; most of this group, or about a third of the entire sample, said that the abuse had occurred with some frequency The frequency of abuse was positively associated with men's reported number of recent sexual contacts and recent acts of unprotected anal intercourse.
Children who have been physically abused represent a small proportion of the total number of childhood fractures--most are from falls, motor vehicle crashes or other non-abusive trauma.
The authors reported that 37% of men in the study had been physically abused and greater than 12% had been sexually abused while disabled.
Previously abused individuals display elevated blood concentrations of inflammatory substances that fight infections and repair damaged tissue, say psychologist Andrea Danese of King's College London and her colleagues.