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Synonyms for abuse

Synonyms for abuse

to use wrongly and improperly

to take advantage of unfairly

to hurt or injure by maltreatment

to attack with harsh, often insulting language

Synonyms for abuse

change the inherent purpose or function of something

use wrongly or improperly or excessively

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Home observations and reports from parents and children established that 83 participants had experienced abuse or serious traumas by age 11.
Myth 1: Drug abuse is harmful, but it does relieve stress.
The citizenry is very cynical about politics because they see this pervasive fraud, corruption and abuse and also see nothing being done about it.
To explore whether clinicians who provide reproductive health care to young female patients should screen them for abuse and exposure to violence, the researcher conducted a cross-sectional analysis of several Alaskan databases: a data file of all females who were enrolled in Medicaid at any point in 1999-2003 and who were 10-15 years old on December 31 of any study year; a database of all females in that age-group who were referred to the state's child protective services unit for investigation of physical or sexual abuse by a primary caregiver in 1999-2003; a similar database for referrals to the state's juvenile justice system; and a database of births to Alaskan residents.
Alilire responded on the website of feminist blogger Trish Wilson, claiming the abuse charges were engineered by her ex-husband with the help of a therapist with whom he had a close personal relationship.
Instead, a doctor called (800) 56-SENIOR, the access point for the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale in Riverdale, New York.
Some NQT's will encounter situations, which fall outside the accepted curriculum and will, for the first time in their lives, be confronted with the abuse and neglect of pupils under their care.
So there's no surprise in the way that steroid abuse has filtered down the way it has.
With compassion and sensitivity, Torey Hayden disclosed to the world three childhood abuse cases and her commitment to making a difference for her clients.
Duncan, Healing from the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse The Journey for Women.
The reason these drugs require a prescription is that they are powerful medications," says Wilson Compton, MD, director of the Division of Epidemiology, Services and Prevention Research, at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).
And I am troubled to report that the use of inhalants is on the upswing among young people--bucking the overall trend of decreasing drug abuse among teens.
With America's population aging at a staggering rate, and with so much wealth transferring between generations, the potential for financial elder abuse is high.
The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) seeks to broaden the understanding of all aspects of inhalant abuse (i.