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Angry Birds' young lads, after motivation from coach Mohammed Abulia, pulled one back in the 15th minute through Mohammed and then Sami cut the lead further in the 20th minute.
La radio e la televisione sono sempre accesi, ma non per essere ascoltati dai personaggi, presi dalla loro abulia e indifferenza piu che dal desiderio di conoscere quanto accade nel mondo.
Clinical data are currently limited to case reports, in which naltrexone resulted in overall improvement in functional status in patients with TBI in low arousal states and in cases of abulia and akinesia [52-53].
The presence of this pessimism appears in the abulia or apathy from which many literary characters in the novels of the Generation of '98 suffer.
At one point he appears to have attained complete detachment, absolute neutrality: "Your indifference is motionless, becalmed; a grey man for whom grey has no connotation of dullness" [M 188], bur this almost pathological state of abulia is shot through with tensions.
Negative symptoms such as alogia, abulia, and the inability to communicate or form thoughts are relatively rare, which helps differentiate it from schizophrenia.
A list of eight digital reversals appears in WW 89178, ABULIA 1,2,21,12,9,1--SULU 19,21,12,21 having the most digits.