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The recent PS38million refurb of this Belle Epoque gem, built in the same year as the Eiffel Tower, makes you feel like you've walked on to the set of an absurdly glamorous French film.
The report authors said: "There was almost universal agreement among search firms that levels of remuneration for CEOs in large UK nonfinancial firms was absurdly high.
Saying it would only allow reasonable increase in interest rates, the Treasury rejected some bids in the recent auctions that carried absurdly high yields sought by banks.
Footage of the incident shows the player writhing on the ground in absurdly theatrical agony, while his doting mum comes to his rescue.
A nuclear submarine base; a couple of shale gas fields; corporation tax at 10%; a pruning-back of regulations; a radical re-organisation of local government to create strategic authorities dedicated to growth rather than the absurdly inefficient and expensive existing 22 local authorities; a commitment to spending less money funding the past (free bus passes, free prescriptions and the like) and more money funding the future (education, training, infrastructure) - such a programme would begin to create a more prosperous, confident Wales that would transform the life of its citizens.
At the centre of what might, on the surface, seem to be just the absurdly comic tale of a cow's inability to produce milk, there is an underlying and important theme that centres on a fact that all children (and not a few adults!) need to learn.
Absurdly, and with the usual Whitehall spin, Mr Osborne's Treasury insists the job losses will enhance the service offered.
Malcolm Clarke, chairman of the Football Supporters' Federation, said: "These prices are absolutely outrageous and take ticket pricing to an absurdly stratospheric new level.
Firstly, no more of these all-expenses paid, fivestar hotel jaunts around the world for an absurdly large "bid team" (and the resultant regular slavish reporting of the status quo of the bid, by the UK media.
And I felt even more absurdly honored to be able to interview Dolph Schayes, the greatest Jewish basketball player who ever lived, as an accompaniment.
Best is Banned (By The Man) with its absurdly addictive singalong.
ISN'T it long past time to scrutinise the absurdly lofty position of the Derby as not only a Classic, but our premier one?
Fortunately for North Ferriby, they went on to win the match 3-1 - unlike Brazil who were absurdly robbed by the Treorchy terror in 1978.
We could use the money, even if it's only visiting officials eating in the care C[O.sub.2] is dangerous only in absurdly high concentrations.