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Synonyms for absurdity

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Synonyms for absurdity

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Synonyms for absurdity

a message whose content is at variance with reason

a ludicrous folly

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People in Syria surely realize the absurdities of this ruling regime and its unconvincing<span style="mso-spacerun: yes;">&nbsp;</span>pretense of democracy.
Luther (who used Jonah to denounce Judaism and also muses on the absurdities of the book) and Calvin pass in review, as do contemporary exegetes, literary theorists, and artists over the ages (there are seventeen black-and-white plates).
We read all the stuff about diminishing statistics, lack of team discipline, lower energy levels, and four or five similar absurdities. And we didn't believe any of it.
A couple of other thoughts about the absurdities of our society today.
Omen was speechless; his choices here are remarkably even-handed, an everyday camouflage concealing wondrous absurdities that summoned his familiars, including: a fascinating theme of puppetry in which the propetier examined a fair sight far more imaginable than most material eloquently dropped by the ever-so-popular temperariousness of the awkwardly committed.
Since the initial salvo attacked the absurdities of popular drama, premised on pleasing crude audience tastes, response came swiftly and variously.
Naipaul spends relatively little time on the nightmarish political absurdities of Africa.
Such absurdities come from an addiction to industrial unionism, but education is a profession.
Q: A lot of your humor highlights absurdities. Do you think people just laugh, or does it provoke them toward a response?
At the end of the day, despite all the absurdities in society, all of us, including the criminals and the families of the victims, still have to live our lives."
Both before and since that time, the Supreme Court has been entangled in absurdities, and the government is obviously not going to put an end to them.
Full of in-jokes, puns, and other genial absurdities, Cage's "stories" can easily distract the eye.
MYTH #1: Globalization yields worthless absurdities because markets are illogical.
Now a pair of Dutch researchers has won the 1999 Nobel Prize in Physics for finding a way to sidestep the absurdities, which led to tests and acceptance of the so-called electroweak theory.
Reason: Your strip certainly highlights the absurdities of corporate life.