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Synonyms for abstruseness

the quality of being unclear or abstruse and hard to understand

wisdom that is recondite and abstruse and profound

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Planned legislative abstruseness could not have ascended the Olympian heights scaled by both the substantive and implementing provisions respecting the income inclusion and deduction of maintenance payments.
Toussaint writes the "infinitesimal novel" in the hope of capturing abstruseness so small that, once considered, it will obscure your surroundings so sufficiently that you must step back and blink in order to tackle life's very big questions.
All that is the multi-tiered real deal of reality, but the three-second model suits our need without entering into an abstruseness unnecessary to the problem at hand.
Needless to say there's the limited audience and the abstruseness of it all.
At its most effective, allegorical poetics looks beyond specific regimes; its literary critiques of power operate by manipulating form, and its references are often all the more haunting for their abstruseness.
Legalese is an English term first used in 1914 for legal writing that is difficult for lay people to read and understand, the implication being that said abstruseness is deliberate for excluding the legally untrained (Noordin, Samad 2011: 1).
The novels themselves demonstrate direct engagement with this dynamic insofar as they employ "[t]extual abstruseness [as] a way of testing readers' sophistication, of allowing them to define themselves through their reading" [pp.
And the immediate impression of his poetry--a dense, bristling verse in the vein of the high modernity of, for example, Hart Crane--is of no little difficulty and abstruseness, even a certain inaccessibility, one can safely say.
12) Another sixteen days later, in a letter sent to Friedrich Schlegel, he spoke rather of the philosopher's abstruseness and regarded him as "the most dangerous among all thinkers" ["der Gefahrlichste unter allen Denkern"].
That spiritual abstruseness and the script's myriad other ambiguities might infuriate in a film less ingeniously designed on more tangible fronts.
Bakker (2009: 71) has interpreted this as a reference to the growing abstruseness of technical Tantrism.
It has given legal scholars the opportunity to discuss the interrelationship between the Commercial Code and strict tort "with all the zeal, fury, and abstruseness of medieval theologians.
She enjoyed especially later on after I had become editor making comments in the margins of proof pages, comments that usually pointed out my ignorance and other shortcomings or the unnecessary abstruseness of the language of critical theory or the contents of articles our contributors had published elsewhere.
Two main reasons usually attributed to this are the obscurity and abstruseness of his language and also his controversial association with the Nazis before the Second World War.
While the hazy weight of meaning, evident in the finest pieces, balances delicately between abstruseness and melodrama, one telegraphed word can and sometimes does push the writing towards the banal or the sappy, and occasionally Treat's final, diminishing note unnecessarily overloads the conclusion with a sense of indeterminacy.