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one who makes abstracts or summarizes information


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For the work-relatedness variable, some misclassification could have occurred because data abstractors sometimes needed to make independent judgments about the work-relatedness based on the patient's description of the incident or events that led to their injury or illness.
While abstractor agreement on recent suicidal communications was substantial, there is no standard requiring that it be assessed in these or other accidents.
It has several possible dimensions: the individual abstractor may impose his/her own review of quality before submitting the abstract for further processing, the abstractor's work may later be checked by an editor or senior abstractor before publication, and readers may apply their own quality checks relating to the intelligibility of the abstract and its value in predicting the relevance of the original item to their own interests.
True collegiality comes from mutually respected knowledge, as the staff Internet navigator helps the business reference specialist, the youth-software selection specialist assists the picture-books selection specialist, and the online indexer and abstractor for a particular subject joins the book cataloger in delineating new access points to knowledge.
para]]Expected to improve already competitive response time for abstractor based searches[[/para]]
There were cases around the country in the mid- to late 1800s where a lawyer or abstractor was only liable up to the amount of their fee," says Kerry Schuman, managing partner at Jaffe, Friedman, Schuman, Nemeroff, Applebaum & McCaffery PC, an Elkins Park, Pennsylvania-based law firm and 20-year title industry veteran.
Neither abstractor was blinded to the study hypotheses.
Technology based solution that delivers accuracy and speed, backed by a national abstractor network.
Finally, during the 12 months of data collection 70 cases were randomly selected, and the data collection was duplicated by a second abstractor for the purpose of interrater reliability testing.
NextAce Connects manages all orders, regardless of their associated production system through a single interface that provides flexibility across a wide geography, including multiple data providers, tax resources, image suppliers, abstractor networks, production systems, fulfillment centers (including offshore), and delivery platforms and methods.
An abstractor for ten years, then in elected offices as Mercer County Clerk and County Commissioner 1st district.
Full data conversion of your medical records by a trained, experienced nurse abstractor,
Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) program, has restructured its use of MapuSoft's OS Abstractor solution to be a system-wide development utilization in the current build of their System of Systems Common Operating Environment (SOSCOE) architecture.
The user simply sends their records to UNIVAL by electing to sign up for their service on Google Health, and a trained, experienced nurse abstractor will review their records and quickly and accurately convert the applicable personal medical information into a format that is seamlessly uploaded to the user's Google Health profile.
The results of the analysis are presented in a simple, intuitive interface allowing the abstractor to quickly review and validate the results.