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the quality of being considered apart from a specific instance or object

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Rosen is particularly effective in demonstrating the abstractness of much of Heidegger's discussion of Being.
Castellucci has said that "the most interesting experiences [in contemporary theater] are often those that, from a formal point of view, assimilate more from the visual arts," and the piece, seen through two scrims that converted every scene into blurred abstractness, had the look of a two-tiered picture plane--flashing clouds above and the human world below.
relates discourse ethics to real social contexts - a move reflective of Hegel's critique of Kantian abstractness.
And if they were to follow Jeffery's suggestion and develop "grammars" of plainchant with greater explanatory power, the inevitable generality and abstractness of such grammars would surely displace some of the empirical abundance of their writings and diminish the very directness that Jeffery regards as desirable.
My own sense is that art has an essence, but its components must be specified with such abstractness that no stylistic imperatives can be derived from them.
This concern remains central to her search, despite the technicalities and unavoidable abstractness of a study which moves beyond the obvious and superficial.
Thus he proposed a significant resemblance between the crowd fitting itself into an abstract ornament and the abstractness of capitalism--a resemblance located precisely in a shared ambiguity: Capitalism is presented as a stage on the way to "disenchantment," a process set in motion by the Enlightenment, which Kracauer, following Weber, regarded as central to modernity.
I don't think Braque was interested in things from the kitchen and studio as such, though no doubt there is something in French sensibility that singles these out, but his artistic drives in those years were so radical that he needed to anchor his experiments into prototypicality if they were not to shatter into incoherence -or, what would amount to the same thing, into abstractness.
On the Mosset side, the works are presented not sequentially but as an ensemble, based on what they have in common, their abstractness and minimalism devoid of "all aesthetic propriety.
Moreover, I do not believe fully autonomous abstractness is an especially important thing for painting to possess, even supposing it is possible.
I always appreciated the abstractness of his work, plus the fact that there were fragments of real life that he would explore.
The New Man, destroyed by the Nazis (Freundlich himself died in a Polish concentration camp), was one of the most innovative sculptures of the period, certainly surpassing in its bulky abstractness and formal complexity Umberto Boccioni's Development of a Bottle in Space, 1912, and Raymond DuchampVillon's Horse, 1914.
It was as if his critical writings were intended less to open up the texts they addressed than to re-create their true difficulty in a pure state of abstractness, hardening the reader's interpretive muscles in preparation for the ordeal of reading Goethe, or the German Baroque drama, or Baudelaire.
Through canny juxtapositions, these works tested the abstractness of the representational as well as the erotic, visceral push of the abstract.
Previously, Pearlstein's abstractness was openly signaled by the seemingly arbitrary way in which he cropped his figures.