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the quality of being considered apart from a specific instance or object

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And Bonner's racial confrontation in The Purple Flower is somewhat defused by its abstractness.
All his work finds intriguing the abstractness of the actual, of the lived.
These range from approaches characterizing the cognitive aspects of learning, such as abstractness or concreteness in learning (e.
Even an informal observation of the programs reveals that language is being used with a higher cognitive load, with more abstractness, in the Mediated Learning program, and this higher load may require more language ability than was present in the lower functioning children in the sample.
Their broad, flat, impassive expanses seem to encapsulate the abstract sublime: They transcend the figures, even as they reveal their inner emptiness (their storm and stress finally signal nothing; their abstractness is a projection of the "death within")--however emotionally raw, ugly, and outspoken their uncanny subject matter.
Some viewers clearly treasure this film's extreme abstractness.
These sculptures were unprecedented in the way they simultaneously test the limits of abstractness and remain haunted by the figure.
Hegel ascribes "abstractness" to the moral stances of both Socrates and Kant, an abstractness arising in both cases from the same cause: the assertion of the supremacy of the subjective ground of right and duty, and disregard for the rationality inherent in existing custom, the rationality that custom is itself unable to see.
Moreover, the development of the ME sense of futurity when compared with the OE sense of prophecy, is to be viewed as the increase in the level of abstractness via defocusing of the divine conceptual subject.
First it should be noticed that strategies vary in several parameters, such as number of actions (typical 2 to 4), abstractness of actions (corresponding to the number of single actions aggregated into one abstracted action), location, direction etc.
Features 4-7 code the abstractness and animacy of the first and the second constituent.
The abstractness which at times intrudes itself in the text seems to make the book more about intelligence than wisdom, though clearly this is not H.
And separateness aside, was abstractness true of the Greek gods?
More important, Holes' negative reaction against the notion of diglossia leads him, I believe, to mistakenly equate the abstractness of 'H' and 'L', and thus he fails to understand the reasons for the asymmetrical nature of code-switching which his examples point to.