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the quality of being considered apart from a specific instance or object

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Consequently, the mechanism underlying the defocusing of the divine conceptual subject, and hence the increase in the level of abstractness is metonymic, where the result (destiny) stands for the cause (prophecy).
One of the first to walk the tightrope between improvisatory abstractness and resonant allusion was, of course, the very young Helen Frankenthaler, improbably enough a little more than half a century ago.
Ironically, Francis finds, it was very much the abstractness of Fourierism, its purely Utopian projection, that largely contributed to the collapse of Brook Farm, although the accidental burning-down of buildings, of the core of the Phalanstery, was the immediate cause (p.
Satoh's ode to rippling entropy (exemplified, somehow, by a passage in which the Kronos cellist played, solo, only high notes) was sweet, sad, and intensely emotional for all its abstractness.
Likewise, "The Prince," one of his best poems in that it at least engages our sympathy in a fully realized human situation, contains passages of sonorous but outdated grandiloquence where, no less than the abstractness of the vocabulary, the syntax serves to frustrate any precision of meaning.
Usages of input date back to the 18th century and, owing to the word's inherent abstractness, applications of it were found in a variety of fields - commerce, accounting, even medicine - before electronics picked it up (Oxford English Dictionary 1971, p.
The symbolic value of the circle, or the whole, becomes replaced by the abstractness of the digit, or fragment.
And Bonner's racial confrontation in The Purple Flower is somewhat defused by its abstractness. Through Mattie, Graham announces that the black woman, though constrained through sexism and racism, can still be psychologically equal to anyone.
All his work finds intriguing the abstractness of the actual, of the lived.
Yet they try to do so not in historical terms, but in terms that reproduce almost exactly the tragi-comic abstractness that plagues mainstream conflicts over the knowledge-status of morality.
Their broad, flat, impassive expanses seem to encapsulate the abstract sublime: They transcend the figures, even as they reveal their inner emptiness (their storm and stress finally signal nothing; their abstractness is a projection of the "death within")--however emotionally raw, ugly, and outspoken their uncanny subject matter.
For this somewhat disappointing abstractness, however, Heidegger is to blame, not Thomson.--Ingvild Torsen, Boston University.
Some viewers clearly treasure this film's extreme abstractness. This reviewer, however, found the film to be rather boring.
Caro's most severely pared-down works seemed to diagram the fluid space they occupied, while more sensual pieces, such as the Tate Gallery's superb Tundra (1975), a wall of rippling steel punctuated by casual verticals, seemed to play off of Gaudi's swells and pulses; a pair of works made in Barcelona distilled the city's ubiquitous ironwork into essential arcs and whorls, wrenching the sometimes arbitrary flourishes of balconies and street furniture away from utility and symmetry, and transforming them into evocative abstractness.
The abstractness which at times intrudes itself in the text seems to make the book more about intelligence than wisdom, though clearly this is not H.'s intention.